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  1. ENDR


    So I'm in my second GP, in Malaysia (and I've had this game for over 2 weeks - slow, aren't I?) and I noticed that the game automatically switched the engine from the first one, used in Australia, to a fresh one. F1 2010 used to do that too, which is annoying, because I'd rather keep on running on the "old" engine (especially if it's going to rain, which in Malaysia is pretty likely) and leave the fresh ones for more power-demanding races.
    As it is now - I either have to switch the engine at the end of a practice session (not one with R&D objectives...), or let the game manage it on its own and go back to using old engines after 8 GPs...
    Couldn't they've just let the player choose an engine at the beginning of the first practice session (or even in the motorhome, before "going" to the garage :D)?
    What's your take on this?
  2. taz1004


    Not sure about that but this reminds me of another question. Does logging a lot of laps in practice and qualifying wear the engine?
  3. speedometer


    this is normal game behaviour, i asked myself the same thing and tought.
    normaly a technician would make such a call to switch engine.
    i believe in real life they might do the same after each race so they can see in wat state the used engine is at that moment,
    to look at the valves, timing, etc etc and maybe change engine parts ? would make sense as they cant use a 10th engine i think they are aloud to changes faulty parts of a used engine.
    in my opinion its weird to let the player choose to switch engine and i doubt that a real F1 driver has something to say when it comes to engine change's.
    i dont know its all based on speculation and common sense.
  4. slavko.g


    I think that they are not allowed to make changes on the engine except the fluids and some minor adjustments - so blow the engine and you have one less. It is better for you to manage the engines - not the game. And yes driving a lot of laps in practice and qually wears the engine. In this game there are active engine failures so be careful. In my career i'm now in monaco and i've used only one engine to 92%. Two are on 99% state because of the R&D. Drive only one practice session if you have R&D and then switch the engine.
  5. marc27


    It is abot silly to be honest. Makes me laugh how F1 2010 says look after your engines incase they overheat (During the loading screens when they give you tips) My engine never overheated once and I did quite a few seasons. I didnt know what engine I had as the game did not say. Exactly the same with 2011. Still a great game though. Im really enjoying it. Lots of positives like kers, drs and better career mode etc. The cars and tracks look really good too. Biggest thing for me is the great handling you get when u get the car set up right.