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Endurance Series by Enduracers


EnduRacers Modding Team
Mar 10, 2009

After 3 years of work, Enduracers and the Gentlemen Racers are happily releasing the 1st package of the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. It will give you the chance to simulate the best endurance racing experience ever seen in a video game. Cars from ALMS, LMS and the Le Mans 24hrs are scheduled for this mod. Audi vs Peugeot, Aston Martin vs Corvette, Porsche vs Ferrari...

For this important mod EnduRacers has chosen to work in packs. After the initial release including the mod base and first pack of cars, Enduracers will release frequent "Service Packs", adding new car models, sounds, physics and skins. That is why the mod can be classified as "evolutive" and will live and grow continuously after the initial v1.0 release.

Don't forget to read through the readme carefully, you will find a lot of important information in order to use the mod in the best possible way. Don't forget that the mod is very big, and that this is endurance. Don't judge it by doing 2 laps with 1 car, take your time to learn it and really appreciate it.

  • 11 Brand new 3D models from 2006 to 2008 from ALMS and LMS championships, with accurate shapes and aero configurations and high detail cockpits.
  • All the cars skins from 2006 to 2008 seasons of ALMS, LMS, Le Mans and FIA GT Championships available in high/low detail.
  • Helmet and Driving suits of each Team.
  • Pitcrew suits for each Team
  • Several graphic details added for more realism and to feel the "endurance spirit" better.
  • Specific UI Data menu textures, using modern showroom by Maciex.
  • Realistic sounds for all cars using real onboard & exterior recording sounds samples, and with a completely new development philosophy. Thanks to several real racing teams for their collaboration.
  • Very accurate physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
  • Physics validated with telemetry and real drivers, up to date specific
  • 1.250 optimisations (tyres wear curves, pit menu,...).
  • Specific real endurance racing physics settings : tyres choices, fuel consumption, aero configurations, traction control use, engine mapping configurations,...
  • Driver swap support.
  • Realistic pit crew menu configuration.
  • FFB upgrades to choose your preferred steering force, see following paragraph to have optimum settings for FFB.
  • Real Feel FFB and Leo FFB support (see readme for tested setups).
  • Advanced damages.
Known issues:
  • Random bug on led displaying in some cockpit(can be fixed with a reconnect in online mode).
  • Random bug with addition of a darker square in some motec cockpit(can be fixed with a reconnect in online mode).


EnduRacers Modding Team
  • Alexandre Van HOOREBECKE "Vancop" : Sounds
  • Christophe LEMESLE "Chris91" : Skinning
  • Yoan BOULLE "CPR" : Media
  • Greg HUON "Migreg" : Media, Cameras
  • Hervé THOMAS "Vevex" : Texturing, skinning
  • Jietse MELOTTE "Integra" : Quality control
  • Kyle WILLIAMS "NightSt@lk3r" : Modeling, Integration
  • Marc CHAPELLE "klo-che" : Coordinator, Integration, Skinning, ReadMe content
  • Matias VALERIO "mjv_c0h1" : Modeling, Texturing
  • Maxime MENANT "LeBLOB777" : Texturing, Skinning
  • Mike MUELLER "mjmueller69" : Skinning
  • Nicolas PAPELEUX "ViveMclaren" : Modeling
  • Sam ELIAS "Frosty 20" : Beta Test
  • Thomas ARNAUD "Icedob" : Texturing
  • Yoann LE JEUNE "Yoann56" : Modeling
  • Yoann RAGEOT "F1 Mania" : Modeling
  • Maxime MOREAU "Ricco" : Skinning
External skins
  • Playmobil : Skinning
Test Drivers
  • Jaroslav honzik : Test driving, Beta Testing
  • Sean Edwards : Test driving
  • Stuart Moseley : Test driving
  • Tom Milner Jr. : Test driving
Gentlemen-Racers.org Physics Team
  • Alexandre Puigsegur alias Fuelex : Physics, Test driver,Engine GFX
  • Julien VIDOT : Physics, Test driver
  • Pawel Kasprzycki alias Pawel : Gen optimisations, Test driver
  • Bailly Christophe alias Dolphins : Test driver
  • Daniel JUSTOU alias MaD_King : Physics team coordination, Collision help, Skinning help, HTML ReadMe, RealFeel compliance, Test driver
  • Grosjean Francis alias BigJohn : Test driver
  • Aloko Dimitri alias Aloko : Test driver
  • VAN DE WOUW Patrice alias PatciVW : Test driver
  • DECOSNE Jerome alias Gerhom : Graphical interface, Test driver
  • Greg HUON alias Migreg : Test driver
  • Paulo Soares alias Paulo : Test driver
  • Joubert Pascal alias Djoubs : Test driver
  • Christophe Hornus alias Chrisdoud : Collision tester, Test driver
  • Final beta testing and general feeling, Gentlemen-Racers.org pilots and friends
  • All EnduRacers stuff included in this pack is under protection of Creative Commons intellectual work protection licences.
  • All files included in this mod (including 3d files, sounds, physics, skins and all other files) are property of EnduRacers.
  • It's not allowed to modify the 3d model, or other 3d parts of the mod. Physics or sounds files are not allowed to be modified.
  • It is not allowed to convert the mod on any other platform without agreement from Enduracers.
  • This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party.
EnduRacers © 2009

Download @ RD:



Aug 10, 2007
it does look awesome, been waiting for the release of this since it was announced, very very nice work guys.

Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008

I hope this drives as good as it looks :D
Time scaled races here I come!

And please allow steering lock to go high enough for those using a high rotation & 25-30 deg lock :D

Kyle Evers

I hope this comes soon! I love the LMS, it will be great to see a full Le Mans mod in rFactor. Maybe we can do some good club races with this mod, or maybe even a league.

Wido Rossen

Very nice looking.........fantastic pics....
It`s gonna be on my rig.

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