Elevation problem with copied tracks



I've benn getting this anoying "error"
I'm building a highway on BTB, 2 lanes, i import the kml file and place it, since i want 2 lanes, i import again the same klm file and place side by side with the previous one, and the elevation gots all wrong! HOW? if the track its exectaly the same?
I tought it mighr work if instead of import the same file i copy it in the track selection window, but the same hapened, align both tracks but elevation its all screwed up...

R Soul

I don't know why the elevation would not be consistent, but you could just build a new track in BTB which runs parallel to the first one.

When you've finished placing the points, hold M and drag each point over the original track so that the heights are correct. You can then select all the points of the new track and drag them over to where the other lane should be. If it's not directly north/south, or east/west, the elevations will need to be fine tuned again. Extend some flat terrain from the original track and use that as a guide - adjust the height of the new track's nodes until it sits on the terrain, then delete the terrain.


R Soul, thanks for your reply, i will try that later.
Its seems to me that this error its more like a bug that should be corrected.
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