Easy Money Guide

Over the last few days I have been putting a guide together on how to make a few million easily in GT6 with a variety of events using a variety of cars with different power and drivetrains.

The guide is having final adjustments now and will be shared with you tomorrow uk time (this post will be edited)

With this guide there will be NO further need for the snyde remarks when we suggest a car worth 1/2 milliin credits.

Here it is.

To make money you need to spend it. Stop the complaining about this in your head before your fingers touch the keyboard.

Cars I used:
Nissan GT-R Black Edition SS tires/650pp/$200,000-$300,000 (modified)
Nissan GT-R Touring Car RH tires/650pp/$400,000 (modified)
908 HDI RH tires/stage 2 turbo/720(ish)pp (from memory/$1,912,000
#11 Denny Hamlin Toyota Camry Nascar/$500,000
Pagani Huayra 15th Anniversary (fully tuned) RH tires ($2,300,000 standard 2013 model modified)


Nascar - Motegi Super Seedway - 4ish minutes - $169,200 @200% - Nascar obviously used
Like the Wind - SSRX - 4ish minutes- $140,400 @200% - Pagani

Nurburgring 24 minute - depends - $614,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R TC
Le Mans 24 minute - depends - $558,000 @200% - 908 HDI
Spa Francorchamps 24 minute- depends - $502,000 @200% - 908 HDI
Silverstone 10 lap - $432,000 - 25mins (approx) - $432,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R TC
Brands Hatch 15 lap - 20mins (approx) - $406,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R TC
Suzuka 10 lap - 25mins (approx) - $376,000 - @200% - Nissan GT-R TC
Apricot Hill 20mins - depends - $318,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R TC

Willow Springs 20 mile - 15mins (approx) - $274,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Ascari 10 lap - 24-28mins - $466,000 @200% - Nissan GT-R Black Edition

And the obvious cash earners

Red Bull Junior - 25-30mins - $1,000,000+ @200% - Car provided (turn tc off and switch to RS tires to clean up)
Red Bull Standard - 20mins - $2,200,000 @200% - Car Provided (same deal as Juniors)

Theres the easy money in GT6.

For most money per minute outside of the RB events the Motegi Nascar race is the best. Nurburg 24min is most fun tho :D

Hope it helps a bit.
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Sorry for posting it later than I wanted to. Its mainly just common sense (which isn't that common anymore).

So if you want to complain about cars that will be used in club events, do so in your head. We dont need to hear the same complaints when we come up with ideas for club events.
Fixed a few errors I just noticed. Price for modified 908 has been increased as stage 2 turbo costs more than $7,500 (can't remember actual price tho) and the RB Junior. I had $1,000 instead of $1,000,000. So both of those errors are fixed.