Easily Mount Fanatec Shifter Adapter to 80/20

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    If you have already have a rig made of 80/20 aluminum extrusion or would like to add a shifter mount made of 80/20 extrusion to your rig using the Fanatec shift adapter, it is quite easy.

    The Fanatec shifter adapter is designed to be used with the Rennsport Wheel Stand's bundled shift adapter plate, or the Fanatec Clubsport Table Clamp.

    It is also sold by Fanatec as a "standalone solution" for mounting Fanatec shifters as the CSR E, and soon-to-be-released CSW do not feature built-in shifter mounting holes.

    See: http://www.fanatec.de/webshop/new_usa/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=40&session=true


    But what do you do…

    ...if you have Fanatec shifters and want a dual shifter mount for your wheel stand?

    ...if the Fanatec Clubsport Table Clamp is not applicable to your setup?

    …If you want to add a mount for your Fanatec shifters to your rig?

    A short while ago Sean from the Fanatec Wheel Fansite did a video review of the Fanatec Table Clamp V.2, and that got me to thinking about the fact that my Rennsport Wheel Stand's shifter plate only provides one-sided shifter mount option.

    See: http://f-wheel.com/reviews/clubsport-table-clamp-review

    One of the big reasons I like sims is because of the ability to drive both left and right hand drive cars in-game.

    So I wanted the ability to swap the shifter out left to right depending on the car I choose to drive.

    Although I ultimately applied this to an 80/20 dual shifter support for my wheel stand, the basic principle can be used to add the shifter to other setups.


    You will need a heavy-duty drill because adapter is made from what appears to be solid steel.


    Parts Needed: Fractional 1010 Extrusion Tubing cut to desired length (will vary from setup to setup) Two 80/20 system 1/4-20 T-nuts, and two 1/4-20 bolts, one 3/4" length and one 7/8" length to compensate for shift adapter's wedge shape.

    For those on the metric scale; 80/20's metric 2525 profile closely corresponds to the 1010 profile I used, 80/20 T-nuts are available in M6 size, and two M6 bolts will have to be 20mm and 22mm in length to compensate for the wedge shape of the adapter.


    I had to grind down one of the T-nuts to fit because the Fanatec Shifter Adapter's mounting holes are in close proximity, 80/20 does sell T-nuts that have an offset hole, but I did not have any on-hand.


    Just align the T-nuts and slide into the 80/20 tubing's channel.


    Shifter adapter can be adjusted for position forward and back, the two allen head screws on Fanatec Shifter Adapter allow for easy attachment/removal of Shifter mounting tubes.


    Notes of interest:

    The Fanatec Shifter Adapters are made of what appears to be solid steel, so they are VERY HEAVY.
    Make sure that your support design for the shift adapter takes this into account.
    I will try to get a weight for it, and add to this post.
    UPDATE: They weigh 0.7KG/1.54LBS.

    This is how I ended up using the shifter adapters with my Rennsport wheel stand, but I am sure the basic principle can be used for a variety of setups. (Post how to do this will soon follow)



    Thanks to Sean from Fanatec Wheel Fansite for the review that inspired me to do this, and for providing me with the proper width measurement.