DTM Showcase Dramatic 1000hp Electric Concept Series

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DTM was already dying in popularity. This is going to kill it off completely. Not a fan of electric. I'll go as far to say that even V6's sound better than electric. :(


I am not saying electric race cars can't be exciting. But......

I was at an oldtimer race this year and looking at a Cobra in the pits. Pretty car just sitting there. Then the driver gets in prepares to start the car, engine starts turning, anticipation and, BAM, fires up. :) :)
Granted, you go to an oldtimer meet you want that stuff. I am a dinosaur that knows he's going to be extinct some day. But until that day I want the noise of engines and smell of gas.


True story from David Hobbs being interviewed by Dale Earnhart Jr. recently. They were talking about the early in car cameras used in NASCAR and around 1983 they had a camerea in Cale Yarborough's car. The sound guys were puzzled by a sound that they mistook for feedback. What was actually happening was the sound of a engine eminating from Cale's mouth. Apparently Cale always did this when he was racing. My point?
Use your own mouth (hooked up to a mic of course for external sounds) instead of these computerized sounds. I know you all have the practice from when you were a youngster playing with your Matchbox, Hotwheels or Dinky toy cars. ;)

Ruy Horta

Pit stops are much more fun as a human activity, but the power cell change is the real meat of this concept.

Ruy Horta

Environmentalism is a Marxist ploy.
Don’t be so naive.
Marxism is about class struggle.

Besides plenty of environmentalists don’t give a damn about class struggle, as long as they can hug a tree, pat a goat and show off how green minded they are, at least as long as it is trendy among their friends.

Today’s most powerful environmental drives are from industry - purely commercially driven and ultimately for profit. Sure nice to have some sweet naive girls like Greta spreading the gospel, but that’s just gloss.

Electric cars are about innovation, little to do with environmentalism.

Ruy Horta

DTM was already dying in popularity. This is going to kill it off completely. Not a fan of electric. I'll go as far to say that even V6's sound better than electric. :(
In the end these touring car derivative series reflect touring cars, right?

So as more cars on the street are replaced by electric cars so will these race classes switch to electric. The car you own, the car on the track.

DTM going electric makes complete sense.

...no, not an environmentalist, nor fan of electric cars.
Technology changes, just accept it.
Change is on the horizon according to the powers that be behind the DTM series. Check out this dramatic new 1000hp electric concept that ITR believe could be the future of the tin top series.

Gerhard Berger has never been one to shy away from the more dramatic side of life - anyone who witnessed his career with McLaren and Ferrari in the mid-1990's will attest to that, and now as the head of the German DTM Series, the lovable Austrian has overseen what can only be described as a rather dramatic visualisation of the future of touring car racing.

ITR Chairman Gerhard Berger explains:

“What’s important about this proposal is that, even though it would use standardised powertrain components, it would allow manufacturers to race with their own models – something yet to be embraced by an electric series. That’s obviously critical for manufacturer involvement, and allows them to maximise their marketing around it.”

Moving towards dedicated electric racing series isn't something new, afterall the open wheel Formula E championship is already about to embark on season six later this year, but with how Berger and co. envisage touring car racing, the series is looking to take the concept to another level entirely.

Keeping with the electric powertrain theme, the proposed concept series would feature an incredible 1000hp power output, up some 400hp over the current Class One regulation DTM cars of today. As with current battery technology, to deliver that sort of power over a race distance, pitstops would need to be completed to either recharge or replace the cars batteries mid race - something that ITR would like to make a feature of the series, rather than the more awkward car swaps of previous Formula E series.

Swapping the power unit out mid race, ITR like the idea of having robotics involved in pit stop routines, taking away the human aspect of bringing a car into the pitlane for the usual service of fuel and tyres. Using automated pit-stop tech, an industrial robot rig would surround the car, quickly replacing all four wheels and safely swapping over the battery pack or hydrogen tank located in the car’s underbody. The future is here people!

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Although electric racing is already becoming more mainstream, the DTM are also considering utilising Hydrogen power for the future (my personal favourite future tech option btw), as explained during the concept announcement today:

While current electric racing series have focused on using batteries, many believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology will be the next quantum step in automotive technology.
A DTM-like race car using hydrogen fuel cells would house the hydrogen tanks within its carbon-fibre monocoque, ensuring they are located and stored safely. Mid-race pit-stops would see cars switching fuel cells – via an innovative automated robotic process – providing fresh power for the full race.

Another interesting aspect of the new series proposal is the inclusion of standardised parts, aimed to keep costs in check and attract new manufacturers to the series. Focusing on technology that has high costs but low value to the spectating public, the move towards spec aspects of racing cars is something many race series should look at closely in the coming years, helping to dramatically reduce the design and build costs of a race car, with distracting from the spectacle and raceability of the cars on track.

All very interesting stuff from Berger, DTM and the ITR - but will it become a reality in the near future? That aspect is yet to be seen, but we can certainly give credit for the series looking at more exciting and dramatic ways to usher in a new era of motorsport that appears to be right on our doorstep.

Before signing off this article, I'll leave the last word to the man himself, Gerhard Berger:

“Driving racing cars on the limit has never been easy, but watch onboard footage from the ’80s, and it’s immediately clear that the drivers were barely in control themselves – that’s the sort of racing I love.
“With this concept, I want us to embrace that sensation of raw power; of racing at the limits of grip. Not just with 1000bhp under the driver’s right foot; but with a car equipped with the technology of tomorrow, and using models that demonstrate a clear lineage to the major automotive parent brands. This new breed of touring car will be incredible to watch, and fantastic to drive.”

You can read the full ITR announcement HERE.

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