DRS - Did I miss something?

Andreas Knöpke

Let's drive side by side!
I noticed a DRS setting in the software of my hardware display from the Italian guys at "Renovatio Development".

The odd thing is that AC seems to be the only game in the software that features the below DRS option. :cautious:

So my question is whether or not I missed something and there will be a car that supports DRS or do the Italian devs over at Renovatio know more than we do? :O_o: ;)


Cheers guys!


The Lotus T125 has DRS telemetry, however it's not mappable, and the animations have not been made for the rear wing to open.
I'm not sure if they'll implement DRS or not. Perhaps eventually.
Chris is exactly right. I noticed this as well in game.

Andreas what hardware do you have that is using the software from the screenshot? i googled renovatio and didn't get the results i was looking for.

I've been using dashmeter pro for android. they have a version for android. I think i'm going to start a new thread.

Happy Racing!

edit: i found their site. thanks again
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