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Driver with most wins will be the champion!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Péter Bártfai, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    Ahh, never mind... I hope the season will be still exciting...

    Haha, Bernie told what he want, just read an interview... Button winning the first 3 races and be champion:D

    We'll see.
  2. Mark Guy

    Mark Guy

    Yeah, in fact if you win 2 races you have a chance to win the championship.
    Lot of BS I think...
  3. Keith Peppiatt

    Keith Peppiatt

    I think the rule is stupid...

    I have watched since the early 80's and remember top 9 scores from the 16 events would only go to your championship score. if i remember it was increased as it was not rewarding consistant points scorers.... which now apparently is a bad thing you only have to win!

    yes i like to see good racing and i don't believe that this rule change will make things any different on the road.

    thing that just popped into my mind there was if a team needs a 3/4th place to secure the manufactureres championship and driver want the win, pushes it to get it and has an incident at extereme getting a DNF how would that play out??? team i guess will be pretty peaved i guess.

    Drivers going to go for lunges to get that extra position? team play coming into effect? gah!

    personally i thought the 12 points system was the better option but even still would like a system extended to top 10 finishers getting points rather than the current top 8.

    finally, before i disappear for lunch, what would happen if a dodgy stewards decision settled the championship now?
  4. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    OK now, what they'll do? Turn the engines to the max, they have 8 for the season, 8 win = championship, it doesn't matter what penalties they'll get for the rest of the races...

    Spa f.e.? (Massa +1, Hamilton -1)

    Edit: One thing just popped in my mind, they won't do the engine killing trick as they want the constructors championship as well. But still that doesn't mean they won't have a No.1. pilot.. That can kill the whole championship for me, as my favourite is Massa, if Ferrari choose Raikkönen...
  5. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    Exactly. There will be team orders from the moment one of the team drivers scores a victory.

    More than this, durability and fiability are no required anymore, and same for consistence.

    Alonso as an example is one of the most consistent drivers in the grid, maybe he wins 2 but he will be a podium finisher in the 80% if the other races. Now he gots nothing for being consistant. Same for McLaren or Ferrari, clearly podium contenders.

    I can´t understans new FIA rules saying we have to cut costs due the crisis and then they talk again and say: "but you have to be the team with more victories to win the champ" in my opinnion it is controversial. As said before, teams will use 8 engines in the best circuits for his car, and then 10 more to end the champ with 6 victories. :S

    BERNIE GO HOME! :chuck:
  6. Lewis Owen

    Lewis Owen

    All that needs to happen for the FIA to realise it's a stupid idea is when one driver wins a few races and wins the WDC whilst binning it on most of the other races.
  7. Sander Hogendoorn

    Sander Hogendoorn

    Great news:

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