Driver Training how to identify mistakes and what are the solutions

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    Rick Malm

    Can you help me create list correct list of observations to help identify mistakes and what are the solutions to those indicators?

    Some examples follow from iRacing videos on driver training, some are my observations that might need your corrections.

    Slow corner exit: Turned in too early or cutting the corner trying Type 2 corner:have to turn in more near apex, speed is lost to avoid lockup or understear
    Solution is simple: turn in later.

    General impression might be "the corner seems to easy after the apex and if your not too worried that you my might go to wide" then try turning in earlier until exit speed is maximized.

    Feel like you could add acceleration in the start turn before apex or worse yet before the turn in. Braking too early. Brake later by moving your target brake point.

    You go wide or turn in too much after apex and have to counter steer and worst case spin when over steer compensation happens. Braking too late
    or brake harder or earlier by moving your target brake point.

    Spin in corner before exit point: lost rear having to turning in more to compensate for going wide, and when you let up on acc and rear spins and counter steering does not stop the spin out. Not getting correct apex speed for the radius of the turn, work on braking, where and turn in point. Brake more, coast to apex vs early throttle

    Tires sliding (lockup) pre apex (Any suggested drill to improve this skill faster?)
    Brake not as hard to find threshold before lockup, set a target speed for the apex area
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