Driver swap problem



we are preparing an endurance race but we found a possible bug in GSCE.

We run our server with "Cockpit only" camera, and we configured the dedicated server with the following settings:

Allow Spectators="1"
Allow Passengers="1"
Allow Hotswaps="0"

While the first driver is driving the car everything is OK and the camera´s are locked to cockpit.
When the spectator becomes a passenger and hits RACE the game doesn´t go to cockpit camera, instead it goes to a trackside camera.
The passenger is then able to change to cockpit, but when he becomes the driver the camera is not locked to cockpit and allows him to change 1 time to a trackside camera and never goes back to cockpit.

Is this a bug or is there a way to fix this?

In rFactor this doesn´t happen, so it has to be a problem with GSCE.
I Have organised a big event with driver swap and about 40 players (20 cars).
Some of us did some mistakes when swapping, but others really had bugs like yours. I Have already talked about that to Renato anyway. Driver swap doesnt like some things like plugins for instance. But sure it could be Nice to fix it :)

Will Mazeo

Hm, I've never heard of this before. I'll let the team know.
Excuse me for the off topic, but while you are at it please tell Reiza to check Montreal, the pace car does not go on track after the race starts, it get stuck in a hole so if you have full course yellow (online racing) people will get DQed
Also please tell them to reduce the amount of Cockpit Extreme stuff in the main straight, they really hurt the eyes D:
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