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Download errors

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Robert Lubecker

I have tried to download and use this mod off rFactor central and this (RD) site. It downloads ok, but it locks the game up and gives both "mas file errors" and "g motor 2 errors". I have tried switching from DX8 to DX9 to see if this helps, but it has no effect.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get this mod to work for me? I have a new high end gaming computer, so it shouldn't be anything to do with that.

Thanks in advance,


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Anyway, the download in question was The Epsilon Euskadi 1.20 from this site. This mod is a exe. type so I let it linstall itself. I have the game on the disk and have re-loaded it many times and it dosen't seem to help.

Thanks for the help so far.
Jan 14, 2009
Not sure which mod you are referring to, but mas errors usually points to wrong installation of a mod or track. Suggest you check that all the files got dropped in their correct folders.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
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Dec 26, 2006
- redownload the mod
- install in the correct folder
- reinstall rFactor completely (always works best :))

No clue about what mod you are referring too btw.
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