Dovizioso Impressive in DTM Debut - Can Bike Racers Successfully Make the Switch?

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MotoGP star Andrea Dovizioso makes impressive DTM debut - begging the question can bike racers successfully switch to cars in the modern era?

Having jumped into the Audi RS5 DTM machine for a special one-off debut in tin top racing, the Ducati MotoGP rider performed admirably during his first weekend competing with a roof over his head, showing flashes of solid pace and holding his own with some solid racecraft during the tougher on track moments during the opening race of the Misano DTM weekend.

Despite the high profile nature of his switch to German based DTM for this event, Dovizioso hasn't been the beneficiary of much in the way of time behind the wheel of the Audi, having only had the opportunity to test the car on a couple of occasions prior to Misano track action beginning this weekend.

Despite the lack of experience in a race car, Dovi still managed to beat the three Aston Martin's of Daniel Juncadella, Ferdinand Habsburg and Jake Dennis, and perhaps more tellingly finished just seven seconds behind the sister Audi RS5 of Pietro Fittipaldi, himself a talented and considerably more experienced touring car racer..

A great show from the 33-year-old Ducati star, and with more time behind the wheel of this type of machine it wouldn't be hard to imagine the driver performing even more strongly.. leading one to wonder if in the modern era a career bike racer can successfully transition to the top of the car racing pile?

For the record, Dovizioso managed a 12th place finish in the opening race this weekend.

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Jun 4, 2017
Also the race itself was great , wittmann was on fire:D
it seems we will see Rossi in a endurance race this year (dubay?)
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Jun 6, 2015
I don't know if there is a base in what I'll say: I think that I became a better driver after start to ride, and it serves both on sport or daily activities. Maybe the riding give some mindset that help with driving... maybe it's not a rule for everybody or it's just a placebo... I just fell better.

PS: I started to drive at 18 and to ride at 38. And, yes, maybe the 20 years as a driver helped me to begin as a more disciplined rider... never got even a single small bike incident.

Damage Inc

Nov 22, 2013
Loads of bikers have transitioned to four wheels and hardly any drivers have gone to 2. It's MUCH harder to race a bike, risks are greatly increased, even the slightest loss of front or rear grip can cause a helmet to tarmac conversation. I've only ever seen one rider save a front slide and he's arguably (hard to say as I'm a big Rossi fan!) the best ever...Marc Marquez. Most riders eat tarmac.


Feb 28, 2018
@Paul Jeffrey I'm not kidding.. your channel is more entartaining that F1 ,IMSA and Blancpain combined!.
Thank you very much for giving us such a high quality content

Jonny Austin

Nov 25, 2017
I am pretty sure most of the top Moto GP riders could make the transition to DTM or GT racing & run competitively.Racing is all about feeling the grip & rotating the car or bike through the corner.More difficult going the other way from cars to bikes though.
I doubt anyone will repeat John Surtees achievements because a bike rider like Marquez or Rossi earns more than most of the F1 drivers.When Surtees & Mike Hailwood made the move from bikes to cars bike racing was more like a hobby for racers.A rider like Marquez is unlikely to want to give up everything he has in Moto GP to run round in midfield in a Alfa Romeo or Torro Rosso.


Sep 11, 2014
They sure can! It’s just too boring for them. I started as a pro MX racer in the 80’s with Honda of Troy, then privateer road racer in the 90’s with WSMC, sponsored my pro AMA racer Miguel Duhamel and his mechanic Joe Lumbardo... age caught up with me and I switched to SCCS spec Miata. And though I enjoy it enough as an old fart, I’ll never feel the sensations of the past.

One funny carryover, be it car or kart, I lean in turns and have to loosen my Hans enough to stick my head forward. I had my ribs broken just last year in a go cart crash, because I was leaning forward when I was T boned at full speed in a blind corner. I learned nothing from it though lol, just like my road racing style started very much with an MX style...


Oct 23, 2018
Loads of bikers have transitioned to four wheels and hardly any drivers have gone to 2.
Ricky Carmichael slowly looks to the ground :D Yeah, that's MX, not the same thing. Pretty impressive of the GP rider.

And that livery, oohh that livery :)
Someone please crank one out for the URD 2018 heh


Jan 27, 2016
After all my R3E and ACC i think i got him covered :p
But seriously he has some skills ! Hows that restart :confused: 19:22 three wide :inlove: