Does anybody here race cars in real life, outside the sim? Post your car/racing pics and tell us all about it...

Nov 24, 2019
I did in bygone days with very good results and high satisfaction. What I think is worth to comment here is an element that strikes the biggest difference between sim racing and real: the physical sensor that no top technology will ever develop. A good pilot must feel his car as a part of his body, you do not pay attention to pedals, wheel or gear because your body automatically does so forget about your hands and feet, they do by themselves and overtake your will....your will is concentrated in your body sensor in enhancement with your car, maybe mostly at breaking and drifting.
At sim racing I always set a prudent small degree of break assistance since without your body sensor at work you miss the breaking point, you break a bit too soon or a bit too late, no body sensor to urge you and your fluids. Drifting enjoys a bit more of freedom and top pleasure. For the rest I enjoy a sim race as much as an authentic one, it is the remedy for so so many very good pilots that perhaps could never see through their dream of showing their value on a tarmac due to the lack of another element that is generally in wrong That was my case, I did it for just a good while wrestling among the first no matter now the results neither the category or country, it matters that your early dreams about your abilities is not nonsense, To this point sim racing gives a good answer, if you are good at it feel confident you can do as much on a real track.
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