do I need a monitor stand?


Feb 13, 2020
I'm in the process of assessing various cockpits, options, stands, shipping (to Canada), etc and got to thinking... do I need a stand?

I came across the idea mentioned somewhere else about angling your rig into the corner of the room and using VESA wall mounts for the monitors. The approach could lack adjustment depending on the mount, but I already have three monitor mounts each with a 17" post and articulating arm with an 18" reach. They're quite sturdy holding 32" monitors at the moment.

So, my thinking... angle the rig into the corner, mount wall shelves securely (studs and anchors as appropriate) to each wall such that they butt together in the corner and then clamp the monitor mounts to the shelves.

I'm going to toss this into SketchUp before anything gets purchased to see if the dimensions work out and 18" gives enough reach, but curious if anyone has gone this route with success or failure?