DiRT Rally Released on Console, New PC Content Added

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    DiRT Rally Console Release - Clio RallyX.png
    Codemasters DiRT Rally has today released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside some new content additions for PC players of the title.

    With a surprise release on Steam Early Access in late 2015 DiRT Rally has won the hearts of many PC racing rally fans long searching for a natural successor to previous king of the off road racers Richard Burns Rally released all the way back in 2004.

    Codemasters have diligently worked away adding content, features and enhancing an already strong base to bring DiRT Rally up to a level where many consider the title to be some of the best work produced by the British studio in recent memory.

    To celebrate the much anticipated release to console the guys and girls over at Codemasters have added some new content (also available on launch for console) to the PC title in the form of 7 new and exciting cars across several classes within the game. The new patch brings us new additions to the Rallycross scene with an entry level old school Mini club racer style car alongside the altogether more professional looking S1600 Rallycross class that can be found in many regional and nation Rallycross championships around the globe.

    Alongside the new Rallycross content PC players have a number of new iconic Colin McRae liveries to enjoy as well as the the manic Peugeot 208 T16 of Pikes Peak fame and of course every boy racers dream car (from a certain era anyway...) the Renault 5 Turbo.

    To complement the 208 T16 DiRT Rally now features the classic fully gravel version of the legendary Pikes Peak Hillclimb already found in its more modern guise within the title.

    Much like its PC cousin next generation console players have been starved of a strong contender for king of the rally stages for far too long, Codemasters will hope this new release becomes a popular hit for the studio and PlayStation and Xbox players enjoy the title as much as the folks over on PC have since it launched last year.

    A surprise new addition to both PC and Console versions of the title is the inclusion of CREST, the Codemasters RaceNet Evaluation and Statistics Tool. CREST is a tool designed to give high levels of data and feedback previously unavailable to players of the game.

    Taken from the official DiRT Rally announcement:

    "(CREST is where..) you can compare your ghost to the fastest time’s ghost – and that comparison covers a range of different inputs and information, including: sector times, racing line, braking, acceleration, speed, and even which gear you’re taking the corner in.

    Giving you live feedback from a top-down aerial view, you’ll be able to slow down time and analyse your performance corner by corner. You can choose to have the tracker follow your cars around the map, or you can control your view manually – choosing to focus on particular segments or corners of track.

    You’ll also be able to sort users by assists and input – so if you’re starting off with assists and a pad, you’ll be able to gauge your performance against people in the same boat. And, by the same token, if you’re using a wheel without any assists, then you’ll be able to measure yourself against the fastest of your field"

    DiRT Rally is available to purchase in your local games retailer right now or on Steam for Windows PC.

    Full PC Changelog below:

    • A stock engineer team are now used in the Service area for Online Events to prevent some players gaining an advantage. This will also occur in Leagues depending on the settings used.
    • UI Fix –Users are now instantly informed and moved onto the next run if they unfortunately Terminally damage their vehicle on the start line of a Hillclimb event.
    • Achievement Fix – “I am the 5%” unlocking criteria has now been made clearer
    • Online Fix –When a player enters the pause menu, their vehicle will now instantly ghost.
    • UI Fix –Controller disconnection message is now always showing on top of whichever screen you are on at that time.
    • Game Fix –Solved an issue when the option to apply the first perk to your Crew Chief was not showing.
    • AI Fix – In a Hillclimb event, the AI drivers will now place correctly if they Terminally Damage in their second run.
    • Online –Players no longer receive a Clean Race / Appearance bonus if they retire from the event early.
    • Game Fix –Fixed an issue where a player takes 2 joker laps in a row and then their 2nd Joker lap icon disappears due to the AI driver entering the Joker lap.
    • Vehicles -The threshold for punctures has been increased, making the tyres more resistant to punctures on landings.
    • Controls –Players can no longer accidently unbind ‘Gear Up’ and ‘Gear Down’ controls when re-assigning buttons if they have their preferential transmission set as Automatic.
    • Game –Custom Events now use a stock Team of engineers in the service area at all times.
    • Game –Hillclimb – AI drivers who terminally damage in their 2nd run will now be correctly placed in the final results screen.
    • Leaderboards– Players who use a non-standard character as the first letter of their driver name will now be shown correctly in an events leaderboad
    • Car Damage – Car parts will no longer clip through the Lancia Stratos cockpit when damaged.
    • Animations – Drivers are now shifting correctly when using either of the F2 Kit Cars.
    • Online Event – Some cars reported by the community should no longer gain an increase in performance after damaging their car exhaust.
    • Reset Lines - Some reset lines around the tight hairpins on the Monte carlo stage, Route de Turini, have been replaced.
    • Replays –Car reset points are now the same when viewing a replay as they are in game, removing the possibility of collision issues when watching a replay in slow motion.
    • Co-driver calls issues for Sweden have been fixed and minor adjustments to other locations.
    • Corrected an issue where the wrong car kickup VFX was incorrectly being used after completing a stage in Greece.
    • Crowd members in Sweden are now correctly dressed at all times.
    • Lighting issues should now be resolved when using a system with 3+ graphics cards in use.
    • Possible shortcut on the German stage Flugzeugring has been removed.
    • Users should now no longer have a second try at a daily event after quitting out via ALT+F4
    • After using a racing wheel with H pattern transmission in game, upon rebooting and using a controller, the title will now recognise the change and change the transmission type accordingly.
    • Issue where the players controller will continuously rumble during the pre-race sequence for a rallycross event no longer occurs
    • Gear up/ Gear down can now be assigned controls when the user has set their transmission type to automatic.

    • Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak
    • Renault 5 Turbo
    • Renault Alpine A110
    • Opel Corsa Super 1600
    • Peugeot 207 S1600
    • Renault Clio S1600
    • Mini Classic Rallycross
    Have a look over at our RaceDepartment DiRT Rally forum for the latest DiRTy chat, news setups and mods as well as our highly popular Rally Club hosting great events for those with a sideways preference...

    So it finally arrives on Xbox One and PS4. Will you be purchasing the game? Have you tried the new PC content yet? Which car are you most looking forward to driving? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium

    looking forward to try Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak out
  3. thatmotorfreak


    I'm gonna drive the rallycross Minis right away when the game's done updating.

    EDIT: 17 GB? Darn it, I could be waiting for a unicorn to pull up to my house before this download even finishes...
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2016
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  4. Deleted member 130869

    Deleted member 130869

    I'll be trying the PS4 demo and if it's fun, I'm all over it when it's < US$25
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  5. theravenousbeast


    Been waiting for the Rallycross stuff. Should be fun :) :)
  6. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    But still no tarmac physics. It even looks silly in the trailer when showing the 206 on PP.
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  7. function9


    Yeah, seems no change with tarmac physics. I personally would've taken another version/pass of the physics in general (including tarmac) instead of this CREST stuff. Which sounds like it's only available for dailies/leagues (no custom events)? From the notes it sounds like they upped the overall tire resistance to punctures. Instead of fixing punctures on landings. Haven't heard anything about any balancing going on either, so the 205 still the fastest rally car in game.

    The 07-10 Focus still has 6 gears I believe, great attention to detail by a group of rally "enthusiasts". Apparently just changing the gears for one car is a highly complex process. And still have those silly audio sliders that only go down to 50. I guess adjusting all audio sliders so they go down to 0 just isn't possible with this engine. :rolleyes:

    Stopped playing it about a month ago, don't think I will pick it back up.
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  8. Gerbuho


    I knew it! Been waiting for the R5, can't wait anymore, as soon as I get home I will...
    ... never mind. :speechless:
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  9. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    and this: "Crowd members in Sweden are now correctly dressed at all times." needs to be the best line in the changelog :)
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  10. Kimmo Kokkonen

    Kimmo Kokkonen
    K2 Premium

    Peugeot 208 T16 of Pikes Peak was quite nice combination, fast and powerful car, had some issues with too fast wheel, this must resolved for next session, otherwice very good. Realistic, I don't think so but fun YES :)
    Ps. my previous car was Peugeot 208 THP 156 so this was quite similar package (no joke).
  11. gamer19


    In tarmac physic SLRE is still better than DiRT, imho. Too bad I have to throtle and brake with buttons since that damn game won'ts recognize my pedals. So I guess DiRT is better in this field, too. :rolleyes:
    About new cars.. honestly I love them all. :inlove:
    Every single one is great news, can't pick one that doesn't make me happy now since they here. :)
    Really, Renault Alpine is one of my favorite oldies and it's here now... Mini, Clio, 207, Corsa,...

    Sadly there's no new track and that's DiRT lowest point, imho.:unsure: Every other rally game have more countries covered than they. And not sure about you but I'm really not a fan of same and same parts being used in so many stages. Then do it once again... in a opposite direction. :notworthy: Oh c'mon....
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  12. Tal


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  13. ladose


    Hi, DIRT, a Codemasters games to pump money 6 countries and some cars, Thanks Coleman,
    No games finished at Codemasters, as money falls they are happy, and they traveling on wheels make e-sports,
    Really great no matter what.

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  14. Doug Taylor

    Doug Taylor

    Say What!?
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  15. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    This game is fantastic with a T300RS.
  16. Paul Blythe

    Paul Blythe

    While this update's been downloading, I've used the time to get acquainted with Assetto Corsa v1.5[.4] ...

    Do hope we get some more rally locations, and a few extra RX tracks at some point in the not-to-distant future.
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  17. function9


    Also, it would've been nice if they made the tutorial vids a free DLC or extra download for those that want it. From what I've read those videos make up ~4GB and are covering pretty basic things. Things that anyone that's been playing it for months would probably already know.
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  18. Karlpeg


    Triple screen support, PLEASE!
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  19. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium

    Whe need new stage.....Corsica.... Argentina.....
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  20. cmtr


    Just got Dirt and SLRE (blame it on a new PC) and IMO the ideal game would be to throw the stages, cars and physics of SLRE into DIRT. Dirt is beautiful, but as many say the content is very limited and the physics are far from realistic. Shame SLRE isn't polished more, though I think SLRE will be the longer living game of the two, community and mod-wise.
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