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DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 Version 1.6 Update Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
DiRT Rally 2.0 Update.jpg

A new update for Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0 is here.

Build 1.6 dropped to PC and console versions of DiRT Rally 2.0 earlier today, with a strong focus on resolving some of the more critical issues highlighted by the DiRT Rally gaming community in recent months.

Highlight changes from build 1.6 include the further balancing of the game AI and, wait for it, improved audio for the wonderful little Lancia Delta S4 - adding real world audio to the car for the first time within the DiRT game franchise.

Other notable changes that come with the new build include the option for 'manual h-pattern' support within the game UI, a feature so very important to those players looking for realism when racing with older era cars within the game.

Build 1.6 Update Notes:

My Team:

  • Resolved issue whereby players were seeing blank entries above their current Leaderboard standing.
  • Removed potential exploit that allowed for unlimited restarts in My Team Events.
  • Widened AI performance capabilities across several difficulty levels, making the jump in challenge feel less dramatic.
  • Updated engine audio for Lancia Delta S4, based on new real-world audio data.
  • Adjusted headlight glass texture on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI.
  • Added night time dashboard illumination to the Porsche 911 SC RS.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and adjustments to damage models of multiple cars.
  • Adjusted AI performance on Night Rally Stages.
  • Adjusted AI performance during Wet Rallycross Events.
  • Adjusted AI performance to better simulate tyre wear during Events with long distances between Service Areas.
  • Fixed issue regarding tyre marks not appearing on certain surfaces.
  • Adjusted rain effects for better visibility when using interior camera views.
  • Reduced excessive dirt kick-up at Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX).
  • Resolved issue where rain audio would cut out on longer Stages.
  • Resolved issue where ambient sounds would cut out in Service Areas.
  • Fixed multiple issues with co-driver calls on Germany Rally Stages.
  • Added support for “Manual H-Pattern or Manual Sequential” to transmission options.
  • Added support for “Manual H-Pattern with Clutch or Manual Sequential” to transmission options.
  • Improved animations of certain Engine Mapping Upgrade unlock notificiations.
  • Added subtitles to Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX) introductory video.
  • Minor fixes to Brazilian Portuguese translations during loading screens.
  • Improvements to Location loading times (Steam version only).
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Germany Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Argentina Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Poland Rally.
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Hell, Lånkebanen (Norway RX).
  • Improvements to reset lines and collision areas on Biķernieki, Riga (Latvia RX).
  • General stability improvements and minor bug-fixes throughout the game.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

For news and discussions regarding DiRT 2.0, head over to the DiRT 2.0 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and get yourself involved in the discussion today.

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Thanks, yes I can feel the bumps are directly related to the suspension now. it is less bumpy now. i'll keep playing around.
I was adjusting the self aligning torque thinking it was an overall gain setting

Glad to hear that it helped out! It's really nice having adjustable FFB settings so that you can tweak things to your liking. I picked one particular car that I'm familiar with and spent damn near a week perfecting everything. It was so much worth it in the end.



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