Deluxe Content Question


Feb 17, 2018
I just bought and downloaded the "Deluxe Content" for Dirt Rally 2, and Steam says that the currently available content has been installed.

But, it looks like the new content (I've only looked for Monte Carlo so far) is only available in "Custom Championship". Is that correct? I was hoping to have these "new" stages available under "Free Play/Time Trials" since I like to just pick a stage and a car and drive. In essence - hotlapping against my best time.

Really disappointed if I can't do that since I'm not a fan of career modes or working my way thru Championships.

So, is there any other way to access the newly purchased cars and tracks without jumping thru the "set up a custom championship" hoops?

EDIT: Found it under "Time Trials". Da_n UI made it easy to miss when scrolling thru the choices (3 at a time, unknown to me).:redface:

Much happier now ! :)

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