Dedicated Server improvements.

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    Hi guys, I updated the first post with a few notes on the Dedicated Server improvements. Although this is an external module, it does have an affect on the regular game client, so posting the notes in here also for completion:

    Dedicated Server
    * Dedicated servers are now joinable from the Multiplayer Browser, even when nobody is playing on the servers.
    * The ping icon on the Multiplayer Browser now also shows the type of the session:
    - The standard "signal strength" icon - peer to peer session
    - A server icon - dedicated server session controlled by players. If the server is empty, the first player to join becomes the session's host and can control the server.
    - A server icon with a lock - dedicated server session controlled by the server. The game's settings are fully controlled by the server. This can be fixed settings shown in the browser, or scripted in a more complex way via the server's API.

    The browser filter does not apply to empty servers yet, so all empty available servers will show at the end of the list. Filtering will be implemented in a future patch.

    For more detailed information about DS changes and its API updates, see