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D-Box SRP-120 for sale UK

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wajid Riasat, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Wajid Riasat

    Wajid Riasat

    I am putting this on for a friend. It is a D-BOX motion control platform the seat and logitech g25 steering wheel & pedals.
    If you own a pc and do alot of sim racing then maybe this is for you.
    The D-BOX replicates heave, pitch & roll movements all in real time in regards to what's happening on screen.
    you can feel all the rumbles crashes even when your hitting the rev limiter its knocking you about.
    This thing is pretty amazing you really have to experience it to really appreciate it.
    Take a look at the video on the link

    you can find more vdeos of it in action on youtube and there website


    Bought for £3500 that includes shipping and customs (have invoice/reciept as proof)

    looking for £2500

    You can get in touch via email or phone/text


    For uk only
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