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Custom skin - Not showing on car

Hello everyone;

Since a while I'm having fun creating skins for some of my favorite cars, and it works perfectly well using Photoshop and a dds plugin. However, on some mod cars, the skin just doesn't work when I use it in CM's custom showroom. Actually it's there, but in a very, very faded way.


The skin in Photoshop, saved as a .dds file


And how it appears in Custom Manager, and in game.

I tried giving different names to the skin's file ("skin_00", "carpaint"...), but nothing works. Again, I made some custom skins before and it worked flawlessly, but on some cars I just get that result (including the URD Darche RSR 2021, same result as on this Alfa).

Thanks in advance to whomever may help me !
No problem! The livery system in AC is a little different than most other titles, but once you know how it all works it's quite nifty :)