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Helmets Custom Brazilian Helmet 1.5

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hjkgkuh submitted a new resource:

Custom Brazilian Helmet - DDS file of custom helmet

- DDS file of custom Brazilian Helmet for F1 2013;
- I painted it, so there is my logo (please keep it there if you are showing it anywhere else on the internet)
- I did not make the template used. The owner's logo is in the file as well.

- Instalation:
*Open a PSSG editor, click open:
*Program files / Steam / Steamaps / common / F1 2013 / characters / bespokehelmets. Chose the one you want to replace (always remember to backup original files)
*After that, click "import", then click on the DDS...

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It doesn't seem to help, do you know any other PSSG editors?
I don't know any other. I'll upload the .pssg of this helmet tomorrow so you can use it. I really have no idea of what is going wrong. Just tell me if you still have the same problem with the pssg as well. (you won't need the pssg editor)

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