Creating F550 Class



I am completely obsessed by the f550 in the GTR2>EVO mod, and my dearest wish is to be able to create single-model races and championships offline, preferably using moatlspeed's fantastic skin pack. A couple of questions: I understand the latest offline patch has problems with championships using custom skins. does this apply to the GTR2 mod as well? secondly, I am using the offline version of the game. Would some kind person give me a basic overview of what I need to do? I gather it goes something like: Extract the cars, edit the .incar files, changing the description, model, class and model ID entries. Edit the .ini files for each skin/car am I on the right lines? am i going to get anywhere or is it a non-starter? many thanks for your time, the work done by the modding community has made this the best £20 I think I've ever spent.

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
If the custom skins use ".ini" and go in the "Custom Skins" folder, then no, you can't do a custom championship.

But if the skins use ".car" and go in the "teams" folder, then yes, a custom championship will work fine.