Could the fabled Fanatec Clubsport Shifter be on the way?

Oct 8, 2009
Going onto Thomas' blog I read with interest they are now looking at recruiting testers for 3 way wheel test featuring the top 3 wheels named in the recent SRT 5 wheel shoot out namely both the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Clubsport Edition and Porsche 911 GT3RS Clubsport edition as well as the Logitech G27. I, myself would love to be involved to be honest. The offer of a 50% reduction on the Turbo S Clubsport Edition and RenneSport wheel stand I already own is very appealing. But equally intriguing is the statement "As a bonus you will get pre-production version of a new product for free long before release".

Could this be the first concrete indication of the development of a much anticipated and requested premium shifter from our friends in Germany. I for one certainly hope so.:veryhappy:

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
As a bonus you will get pre-production version of a new product for free long before releas
Order now, and receive in 2014 :) (sorry for being a little bit cynical). They are making lovely hardware, but can somebody explain why it takes so long?
Oct 8, 2009
Bram I don't blame you for your cynicism, but as Kevin stated the situation is now much improved, If anything the only thing Fanatec have been guilty of is their vaulting ambition overreaching their logistical capabilities. Looking back at the last 2 years they have set about designing a whole range of wheels for varying price points and users and formats, These have all been intended to not only match the entrenched competition but beat them at the price point the are aimed at based, all while not discrediting the acquisition of a very rare Porsche license.

Reviews for these products have been largely favourable and confirming they have met these aims. The failings have come in the timeliness of the support they have offered particually since the protracted development/launch problems of the technically complex Turbo S with its unique universal compatibility. The last of these wheels , the Carrera S looks to me that it will it offer the best value for money of any wheel by any manufacturer on the market.

In the same or very similar time frame Fanatec have also designed and introduced a equally impressive wheel stand and a cockpit, and the excellent Clubsport pedals!! I realise this may sound as if this I am biased towards the company and today as I type perhaps thats the case but up to the end of Sept 09 when I pre-ordered my Turbo S Clubsport wheel and Rennesport wheel stand (which is actually all I was looking to purchase at that time) I had, like many others, simply dreamed of the introduction of a Xbox 360 compatible version of the G25 that would allow me to have just one wheel/setup for the various driving games I have. I see myself as a sale lost by Logitech through its refusal to develope products I want. For me Fanatec simply listened to the market and produced what it wanted.

As for my original post Johan you may well be right I have possibly got carried away with myself, but I can dream!!!