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Corner Inlet Racing Club presents!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by legendsatlunch, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. legendsatlunch


    Hi all :),
    I thought I should share my tracks over here as some of you may not go to NG.
    Most of my tracks are hillclimb style events, mainly bitumen but have started to dabble in gravel too!
    At the site there are 4 tracks so far.
    All tracks apart from Bryant park will appear and install under the corner in racing club header.... Yes this is a fictional club! Kind of like my personal electronic Ascari!.


    The latest track release, Is 1 circuit 4 events.
    Located on a friends farm and mapped with ge, I have created a permanent road course with boundless elevation changes, off camber, dips, bumps, and just good old fashion fun!
    There are only 2 events so far, still doing final touches to ai on the last 2.

    Some pics of Fish Ck:

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  2. legendsatlunch


    Bryant Park Hillclimb, Also known as Haunted hills. Located at Newborough near Moe in Victoria, Australia. (The new Mowell hill climb)

    The circuit is very new, having their first event on July 6, 2008. They are still in the building process.

    I have used video and photos along wih ge to try to get as close as possible to the real thing
    Unfortunately ge's mapping is pre circuit and very low res, height data is a bit wrong too. I am hoping to get there and walk it with a gps one day, and take phot'os for the club house etc.
    There are lots of videos on Utube of this great track.
    Real life lap times 59 to 70 secs.


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  3. legendsatlunch


    And none of this would have been possible for me without Brendon's amazing software!
  4. jay_p_666


    That is very nice ! Keep up good work like that.
  5. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    Where can I get it?

    Gday Legend,
    Geez you must have some long lunch breaks where your at,can I come work there?
    But seriously,is there anywhere else I can down load rf private track at?
    Ive twice downloaded this track from no grip & both times when loading it up in rFactor it comes up saying something about a "shadowcaster error",maybe you know of a way I can get around this?
    I'd try downloading a third time but there's only so much I can get from NG in one day.
    Ive already tried the GT Evo version & was impressed,the public road is rather like Im hoping to achive with my project Bungonia(84kms).
    Did you know that there has been a discussion group started called Old Australian Circuits Group at Race Department, you'd be more than welcome to join in.
    Anyway,I hope to hear from you soon,I'll post this here at TD & if possible at NG but under another name(trouble signing up).
    Keep up the great work,

    To update, you can now download the latest version of Aus le' Mans at the following Race Department link http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-tracks-7/aus-lemans-v5-oz-blokes-3042/
    Look out for the intersections & ENJOY!
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