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controller setup profile 'files'

Hi all

Other sim games have an option where you can save and load different controller setup files, so that you can use different controllers depending on the car you are driving. For example, where you have a car with a sequential lever shift and don't want to use the wheel paddles, or have a button bot that allocates differnt things. You just load the config file you want and it changes it over so you don't have to remap each time.

I am not aware and can't find any option for this in AMS. Normally it wouldn't be such a problem but one of my steering wheels has developed a fault where one of the buttons has shorted. This means that you cannot use that wheel to reconfigure as the setup screen will automatically choose that button for any item you want to map.

If there was a separate setup file, I could have the profile premapped and just load it, and that button would be ignored

So, is there that possibility in AMS?



All the config files are located in you \Users\<my-user-name>\Documents\Automobilista\USERDATA\CONTROLLER folder. You could created/edit any ini file in there.
There's some decoding to do but because it seems to use some key codes/IDs. You might find something for keyboards key but if you want to remap that to

As far as controller profiles go: yes you can do it. You can create custom profiles ingame in the controller config screen. You could copy-paste the ini file and change its name and it would surely appear ingame. You can create as many as you want.