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Compound properties and adaptive AI (Questions).

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Wojciech Swirydowicz, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Wojciech Swirydowicz

    Wojciech Swirydowicz

    Hi guys.
    I observed few thinks while playing the game and just looking for confirmations or denials here ;)

    1) tires: Prime tires are slower/harder and are used during qual? true or false?

    2) if my assumption is correct, I can't seem to match "adapted AI" pace in qual. I'm roughly 1 second off the pace and that 1 seconds is about what I gain towards the end of the race when on Option tires. Did they "adapt" to my laptimes on "faster" tire?
  2. Aaron Markham

    Aaron Markham

    Yes, the Prime (harder) tire is used in practice ,qualifying & mandatory for part of the race. The Option (softer) tire is only available in the race. The Prime tire should last longer than the Option tire in terms of tire wear. As for Adaptive AI I think they adjust after an entire race weekend is ran, not between practice/qualifying/race sessions.
  3. whaletail


    Apparently it only adapts to your race pace, is inactive during Practice and Qualifying, and updates between actual races (whether an exit/relaunch is required, I don't know). I imagine that once adapted for a particular track, however, AI pace will be adjusted in all sessions.

    The same Sector3 Steam post, from which the above was culled, suggests running three short single races at each track prior to racing Championship events.

    Fairly cumbersome to setup, and hard to quantify, but I have read that, at least for some, the results are worthwhile.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how option pace factors into their algorithm.