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Community Question | Which Continent Hosts Your Favourite Tracks?

kind of shocked at how low is Asia.
I guess I am a bit biased living in Japan although I was born in Europe and been in Automotive industry and Racing since graduation so enjoyed my F1, Rally, Vehicle Prototype testing and private Track days in France, UK, Italy and all

But I mean, Suzuka,Fuji over here, Macau, Singapore and all are superb tracks. I guess this poll tells also a story about the population on RD maybe being more Europe and NA based?


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I love the European tracks. I have to say though that I love a lot of the American tracks. they're so old school.

Patrik Marek

definitely Europe, when you consider all the different tracks
of course there are also great tracks in the rest of the world, but Europe has the most imo

What I miss in US racetracks is more of - what I consider- modern racetrack with "proper" pit building / garages, paddock and all that fun stuff , only track I know that has this standart is COTA, which I actually rather like as well

Japan also has great tracks ( Suzuka, Fuji)

but for Europe , there are way too many
Brands Hatch, Nordschleife, Spa, Mugello, Monza
Since I enjoy watching racing in Japan the most, I'd have to vote for Asia but then again it's only one country that really stands out so it wouldn't be fair. I'm also fairly disappointed about the lack of Fuji Speedway in sims.

Next choice would have to be between NA and Europe. From top of my head I'm prety sure there's a greater number of tracks that I absolutely love in NA in comparison with Europe.

NA (10):
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Road America
Road Atlanta
St. Pete
Watkins Glen


Europe (8):
Mondello Park
Oulton Park


As a citizen of the US I have to admit my bias toward US tracks overall. I like Sebring and the difficulties that just the surface offers. I do not know of any active track that can beat up a car and driver in such a short time. I also like that not many tracks here have been modified extensively by F1 but are raced by many major series: Indy, IMSA, SRO, etc...I have a special fondness for Long Beach as it is my "home" track and one I went to when they raced F1 there.

Yet, my favorite tracks are in Europe: Le Mans, Nords, Spa, Imola.

And the tracks I hate the most are in Europe: Monaco, Monza (the result of over-use in sim servers. c'mon guys, give it a break!), Hockenheim (the Tilke track- the old version was an absolute joy).

It is truly hard to say one way or another because as I write this I think of the fun I have at Bathurst, the immense dislike I carry for Suzuka but I am also one of the few I know who like Fuji.

Can I say my favorite continent for tracks is Pangea?
Hungaroring ? surprised, I hate that track so badly
I am CANADIAN (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) & My ethnic roots are Hungarian...:)
It's the only F1 race I ever saw in real life.
2002 with my DAD (R.I.P.), my x-brother-in-law (R.I.P.), my cousin & his son (who live just a few Kilometers away in Budapest, HU).
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Patrik Marek

dangerous doesn't necessarily means fun , I used to like Monaco, but I don't anymore

I really like / enjoy tracks that have great flow of corners, like Spa, Imola, etc. And it's nice to have pitgarage intead of tent haha :)
but even Nordschleife, which is still probably the favorite track, .. not really sure if safety ruined that one

from US tracks I quite like Watkins Glen, but lot of the US tracks are not really fun for me, and they also have huge run off areas
from the Famous ones
Daytona, super flat
Sebring even worse and bumpy

compare that to something like Zandvoort ?
but yeah, there also some more decent ones, like Road America

but anyhow, everyone likes different things, that's what makes this hobby great, so many options

looking at my CM km driven, which might not be fully accurate anyhow, I have driven a lot of KM on
Brands Hatch, Okayama, Laguna Seca, Imola, Redbull ring, Suzuka, Tsukuba, Zandvoort, COTA, Most (by far the most haha, but it make sense as I'm developing it)
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It's a shame that we can only choose only one continent, because if I had to choose, it will be Europe for :

-Red Bull Ring
-Le Mans
-Donington Park

It'll also be Asia for :


And North America for :
-Charlotte Speedway
-Laguna Seca
-Road America
-Road Atlanta
-Virginia International Raceway
-Watkins Glen
-Willow Springs

And Africa because Kyalami ( one of my personal fav )
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Well I've only been driving in real life on Zandvoort, Assen Moto GP, Spa and Nürburgring GP & Nordschleife. So I'd say.....Europe. Sorry:)

Though I really like Kyalami, Interlagos, Sebring, Laguna Seca and Bathurst to name a few....

In simracing I often choose Donington, Silverstone, Oulton Park. So it has to be Europe 100% for me.

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