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Clipping Artifacts in VR using standard AC

I see strange clipping in shadows when using VR. Also when driving on long roads like that of the Highlands, there is a sudden dropoff in what appears to be lighting/haze. Might not appear too much on flat but is certainly noticeable in VR.

I have tried raising shadows to Max, reflection rendering distance to the max, lowering LOD mipmap bias, and disabling smoke generation. Still, these artifacts stay as-is. Please take a look at the attached image and suggest any solution if there is any.
Also attaching an image showing the video setting I usually run at.

I am using oculus quest 2 with a link cable. CPU- 5900x and GPU- GTX 1070. To get 90fps, I am not using any post-processing and custom shader stuff in the content manager.


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Thanks for replying but as you suspected that FOV setting did not work in VR.
Using Custom shaders patches without any post-processing takes care of it. After disabling quite a few extensions and the super-sampling value set to 1.2, I can maintain 90fps in most situations. All those effects look very nice but blurry pixels are a big compromise. Looks like I have to just bear it till I am able to upgrade my GPU