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Tracks Choppers! At Spa! And billboards! And flags! And balloons! And free beer! 1.1 (new track layout)

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Card-carrying mod whore
Mascot submitted a new resource:

Choppers! At Spa! And billboards! And flags! And balloons! And free beer! - Free beer not included.

Not for the purists.
I've dotted a bunch of helicopters at strategic positions around Spa, all probably in violation of common sense and Civil Aviation Authority regulations. You probably won't even see half of them unless you're in an open-topped car. One heli even has Sky Sports branding if you use the included track skin. Speaking of which, this has billboards and stuff, van branding, and even a new medical centre logo. And there's a couple of balloons too. Kunos already included a config...

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Card-carrying mod whore

The Zman

Spa circuit (both original & chopper) have flashing colored areas that were not there previously.
It seems to occur in a specific green colored area of the track. Flashes alternate continuously between normal green and red or white depending on which PP filter is selected. Does not happen on any other tracks.
Any ideas? Thanks



I'm currently working on a DTM 2020 track skin pack (80% done)
May I "steal" your ballons to add them to some tracks ?
(of course, credits will be given when release)

And if you have other "objects" like this to share, it'll make my days ; I've tried 3DSimEd but it's a real PITA to use...