Change name - Sim Racing Team


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Dec 2, 2014
Hello pilots! I have a virtual racing team along with a few friends I met on the racetracks, and today we call Speed Racer Team (, but now we want to change the name and we want your suggestion.

Why change? Although everyone in the team loves the design and characters of Speed Racer, it is a licensed brand and to respect a brand that we love, even doing it as homage, we want to seek our own identity as a team.
We have been racing since 2015 in the LBN (Brazilian NASCAR League) where we met, and currently we continue with NR2003, as well as Auto Racing in Virtual Racing Server and Assetto Corsa with Sim Racing System.
Now we want to change the name of our virtual motorsport team.
Leave your name suggestion! Thank you, and feel like family!