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Change Headshake In Cockpit View

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Jan 20, 2009
I got this info from a post by Scott Drake at a F1 racing website.

To do this, you need to locate the plr file for your player and change one setting. Here are the steps:
  1. Find your rFactor install folder. In my case, it's c:\Program Files\rFactor
  2. Click into the UserData folder
  3. You will see a folder for each user profile you have created in rFactor. In my case, I have Scott, AI Player, test 1, test 2, etc.
  4. I open the Scott folder
  5. There will be a file name <profile name>.plr. In my cass, Scott.plr
  6. Right-click the file and choose open with > Notepad
  7. Press keys <ctrl>+f and type or paste Cockpit Vibration Mult1
  8. You'll like land on the line Cockpit Vibration Mult1="1.00000". Change this value to 0.50000, as well as the value for Cockpit Vibration Mult2 to 0.50000.
  9. Save the file and restart rFactor.
See if that makes it better. If not, set the value lower all the way down to 0. I prefer to leave some head shake as I feel it adds to the immersion.

Hope it's ok to post this. I know it helps me reduce headache also.
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Kyle Evers

Too bad this amendments to my .plr file only work when I run as Administrator, in which case I don't have half of my cars or tracks :curse:

Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
.... nice up ... I suffer in rFactor so much that I have quit drivin - unfortunately I already had this set to 0 when I checked, so not a fix for me :(
Jan 20, 2009
I set mine to 0.25000. That leaves just a small amount of movement but not so much that I can't focus on the oncoming corners.
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