Challenge for Modders: Formula Ford?

Jimi Hughes

RDMCC S6 Champion
Just wondered, is it possible for modders out there to produce a Formula Ford for Race on/07?

I work for a Formula Ford race team in the UK so obviously have lots of access to any close up, detailed pictures and information (Apart from the secret stuff!!!) about the car if anyone is interested in trying to do this?

It would be absolutely awsome to be able to race one of best, most traditional british single seaters on this game, im sure i cant be the only one who would love to see Formula Fords on this game?

Please let me know if anyone is interested in doing this or knows where i may be able to get this (i have looked on the usual sites). Hope its possible and one day we may see it in online races on RD which would be soooo cool.



Nick Deeley

Could be interesting, and would be fun to have these.

They'd probably be based off the Formula BMW's, although not having wings could make it tricky.

I tryed creating one by chopping the rear and front wings of the FBMW and adjusting the physics... looked ok but nothing special. Physics would defo need some more work if it was to be released

Jimi Hughes

RDMCC S6 Champion
Yeah, thats what i thought. I do not have anywhere near the knowledge to do it myself, but it would be superb if someone did take it on

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
It would be nice. in the meantime, try out netkar pro. demo includes the 1600. 19euros for the full package.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
There's a scratch built 1973 Formula Ford mod in rF - probably easier, and legally less troublesome than the Codies one

Jimi Hughes

RDMCC S6 Champion
good to see some interest in this, as i said i have no where near the knowledge to make a conversion myself, but would be superb is someone more talented than I decided to take on the task.

As for Netkar pro, i would love too give it a go but i am running race on and 07 on my laptop, which is taking the piss as it is with all my downloads for it, let alone tryin to run more sim games on my already depleating disc space!

Günthar Rowe

I would start with a car like this one already in rF and remove the front and rear wings and the radiator + give it new wheels. Physics would be pretty simple as I have a car sitting on my HDD that performs quite closely to the FF which would just need to be sized down to match the smaller FF chassis physics...


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