Caterham Academy Class @ Watkins Glen Nascar - Friday 21st May

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I went onto TS and there was no-one there Ron, so I turned it off as well. Must have been just before you joined. - I'll deffo be on tonight.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I can't at the moment, but don't worry about pace too much mate. We've got a good spread of drivers, and someone will be able to help out tonight with a good stable setup if you need one.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
We don't discuss laptimes ahead of my events Jeffrey, just a little thing of mine.

Empty track laptimes rarely transmit to fully packed grids, so I prefer people to find out where they stand when we all get there.

Wayne Reed

well awsome stuff for me

Race 1
well had a bad start then started to make my way back up racing with jeff useing the slip to catch up to the others got 4th in the end my best result so far:cool:

Had a not to bad start was racing in the pack then sort of on my own then the front 6 or 7 had a big mess up and was in that pack then i had a spin lost 2 place's to ross and stu then had a cool last 2 lap race with stu and unlucky for him spun in the 2nd to last so 5th place for me:)

Yet again guys awsome racing see you all next week:)
starte just 1 h befor race start to do some pracy and setup work and it worked out pretty well :)

had a good lap not that good as it could be but i took extra care in the chicane to make sure i not cut it so i slotted in on 3rd at the grid :)

made a freaking Kungfu start and left the first row in the dust from then it was a pretty uneventfull race for me just tryed to keep Paulo out
of the slipstream for the first few laps then as i was clear i just drove away and finished 1st

i even more took care at the chicane but way to much so i only slotted in on 5th at the grid

this somehow was a tough one :) made an other Kungfu start wich got me into 3rd not long after i was already 2nd behind Paulo my Team mate
but we both never could get away from Jose who was clearly showing he wants the win in race 2so i slowed a bit to let the distance to Paulo get bigger
after a few laps at turne one still in a heavy fight with Jose i probaly left him not enough room as i was already late on brakes i got at the exit on the
white wobble and a little touch wich send me into a spin (no worrys Jose happens) he waited for me and off we go again now in 6th and 7th i could get fast
up to 5th again and then i closed even faster on the 3 guys infront on the 2nd last turne of the track 2 of the 3 had a little party with steaks and beer :)
so i had them too and was again 3rd but nearly spun it and had a hard time to keep my baby in the right direction, sorry to the guys i blocked in that progress
was not in my hand to avoid this was badly trying to keep the car under controle
at turne 2 i lost my rear not sure why but as i was trying to keep it in line i noticed there was a car inside where i bumped in 2 or 3 times while my rear
was still not under controle, again sorry was realy not ment too
short after i had Jose again all over me and we both swaped places countless times while we closed in on Paulo but the time was running against us
at the 2nd last turne of the race Jose tryed to get me out side not much i could do besides focus on a better exit i then moved to the inside of him to have
the better run into the last turne wich worked pretty much but the line could have ben not 10 meters more away from the corner or he would have me again :)
what a awsome race.

but i have to admit while Jose and i where in that heavy fight over most of the race i probaly cuted the one or other time the chicane wich was not realy avoideble
cuz Jose and i was fighting there so hard if i deserve a penalty about this i will take it and it will not drag anything away from the fun i had in this 2nd race

thanks Stuart for orgenizing and thanks to Rd for Hosting

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
Completely top fun both races. But I must emphasize the 2nd one, where I fought with Michael, Jose, Stuart and Jeffrey for a few laps.
We even raced three wide on the back straight just before the chicane. Insane and very competitive, yet fair and clean, superb!
I remember one time where I was side by side with my team mate Michael and Jose sneaked between us and gave us a horn warning
that he was getting in the middle, lovely and very careful behavior from Jose.
So we had trade places several times and was so fun, really fun!
Well done to all for the great driving.

Thank you Stuart and RD.


Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
but i have to admit while Jose and i where in that heavy fight over most of the race i probaly cuted the one or other time the chicane wich was not realy avoideble
cuz Jose and i was fighting there so hard if i deserve a penalty about this i will take it and it will not drag anything away from the fun i had in this 2nd race
Michael, I wouldn't worry too much. There was a lot of side-by-side stuff into the chicane, I saw it occasionally, I was in it occasionally, no-one cutting for advantage, always for avoidance.

Tyre wear also meant that some of us started turning in very early once the tyres started to change grip levels, and I got the occasional unexpected grippy turn in after a couple of more slidey affairs.

I'm only interested in people who straightlined it deliberately every lap.

Ross McGregor

Race 1: for the first time ever, i completely missed the start of a race! Got my timing all wrong so sorry about that.
Race 2: joined the epic slip-streaming battle at the front after a poor getaway. Had a big moment when me and michael touched going through turn 2 (i think), and somehow i kept it together and continued, but was now out of the lead battle. Kept going and a couple of guys spun ahead so i was able to finish 4th. Good close racing here, some nice slip-streaming battles throughout the field as expected with these cars, cheers stu and RD!

Hans Sneep

OK after some hesitation posting my race report,in pract. could not go under the 1.35 after putting some more air in to the tyres it went a bit better an Quali on p 7 did have a good start an as always having problems in the first lap going wide in the chicane but holding the car on track after 3 laps coming to the first corner with Ben an Wayn on my tail, Wayn try to go between Ben an me no room there so he tapt me back to p9 after some laps had a fight whis Ben an past him in the turn to the strait Ben did have more speed so he game inside of me in the first turn I give him all the room to pas me bit ha took it very wide an kickt me off ending in the grass on the inside corner very difficult to go out there re join on p12 no sorry no waiting?
Ron past me an we have some nice battles together till the end of the race ,thanks Ron finn on p 10.

Race 2 was more off the same Q on p11 not a good run, but had a good start an after the first corner on p7,coming to the chicane took the line from the car in front of me but Paul try to go by on the outside not much room there I hit him an he going off Sorry Paul did not see you coming there.
After some laps Amir spun an was on the middle of the track I try to go left bud hit Amir midship going of Amir waiting for me an off we go (p12) after some laps Paul was behind me an hit me in the corner an sent me off hit the wall,damaged the car top speed was over an fin the race on p??

not very happy with this kind of racing ,sorry to say I make mistakes to but if some one do it to you it will not make you happy.
i agree hans with your view about the races. . we both are used to gtl gentelmen races and it was my first time trying the cathrems. it was a very agressive race. in both races i got hit and sent off track. i myself made some mistakes and spun which made me hit hans and i am very sorry for that. i waited and moved on. to be honest i didn't enjoy the races too much. i heard a lot about this mod and baught rfactor last week because if this and the touring car mod. during both races i had fights with pepole which i will not name but belive me it wasn't realy a fight. the guy i raced with was cutting not only the corners but was on the grass passing me from the inside. it was more then one time until i decided to let him drive and didn't fight him anymore. . that in my view was not racing at all and i didn't like that and was very disappopinted of this behavior. now i don't want to be misunderstood. i have no problem with agressive driving but i would like it to be fair. in both races things got too agressive i was pushed around and when i passed a perrson he immiditely tried to repass no matter what. that resaulted in hm, hitting me or the other way around. ofcours not all the players behaved that way and the top runers were fair. please stuart don't take my post as critisism. i just voice my own dissapoitment and hope that next time i will have a better run.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I can't really respond to the accusations above without either direct or indirect implications of my own, and I'd rather not escalate this discussion, as I don't think my opinions would help matters. Infer from that whatever you will.

Paul Wright

Hans, i can only apologise for the contact....i'd learned from experience into that turn that any substantial braking sent me spinning and i got sucked up behind you with the draft.....i was urging you to get off the brakes but you didn't, so i'm sorry for that (and don't worry about the lap 1 bus stop incident, we were part of a 3-wide there iirc...the equivalent of speedway 'first bend bunching' and i came off worst that time, purely a racing incident).
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