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Career Mode a Joke?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by ShadowXGold, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. ShadowXGold


    Quick-Race is limited to 2 laps. Surely the meat of the game must be located in Career mode.

    Career mode doesn't make any sense. First, its WAY too easy. I haven't seen an AI difficulty option in career mode. Although I can't read much of the fine print text on my SDTV (I guess thats true of all modern games now?).

    The game just hands out cars to you like water. SLOW DOWN. Let me feel like I'm earning something. Whats the point of buying if the game hands them out like crazy?

    IMO, many the quick-race cars should have to be unlocked through career mode. Whats the point of owning cars if they are all available in quick-race?

    Career mode seems like race after mindless race jumping around with random cars.

    Is this the racing version of Call of Duty? i.e. "The game is meant to be played online, dummy. Offline is just filler crap"

    I've never tried this online yet. I'm also new to xbox. I'm now guessing that you can only race cars that you own online.
  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Well, some of us as a real life out there with job, wife, children, social life, going to cinema, beach, shopping, weekend going out, etc...etc...etc, so, for those, (where I'm included) fortunately we have cars and tracks unlocked, fortunately. IMHO.
    I remeber the ridiculous time I had lost with GTL to unlock everything, before I discovered the unlock mod.
    Anyway, I agree with you when you say that career mod is ridiculous easy, with very short races and an AI without inteligence at all.
  3. ShadowXGold


    Well generally I HATE having to unlock things. Especially with a career mode that feels more like homework than play. So I guess I too am glad all cars are available (at least in quick-race). I'm just saying that I would like a REAL career mode and have to earn just a few of the cars available outside of career mode.

    Also, the hell with XP and affinity (I don't even know what that is). I would like to have the car remain damaged from race to race and have to pay and choose to repair parts. Like the game might say "Your car is totaled". Then you can choose junk it or repair and you have to decide whether its cheaper to fix it or to just buy a new one.

    Again, this career mode reminds me of Call of Duty.
  4. Andrew Skinner

    Andrew Skinner

    The affinity level is the current level you have with each Manufacture. its usefull after level 4 of each make when mechanical parts for each model of a certian make become free. i.e level 4 affinty with ford will make all mecincal ford parts free

    career mode is giving me a nice challenge when i go on it as i have it set to the hardest diffculity, i hate that you cant choose the AI diffculity but for me on the hardest diffcuilty its giving me a challenge. i wouldnt say this is the new COD but more and more new games seem to be focusing more on the Multiplayer aspect of the game.

    Online is the best racing multiplayer out there at the moment, yes you can use cars you have brought / Unlocked through Leveling up and cars shared though what forza 4 call driving clubs, you can also try other cars in the game online and the majority of users on RD either race in RD club / League races as well as cycled production. the olny downside is you get the odd person who wants to ram you off the road and generaly spoil your fun when you go online. the majority of guys who race on these forums race cleanly.
  5. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne Thomas

    Agreed - Career mode is usually too easy if you fully upgrade your car, even with all assists off.
    For a greater racing challenge offline - go to Event Mode. Set all opposition to professional, allow them upgrades and choose a slightly lower PI car for the class. The field is a bit mixed, some v.slow opposition but usually there are 2/3 cars who have good pace and need catching.
  6. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith

    Career mode is useful to make money quickly because you get a bonus for completing races in World Tour. Although not the be all of Forza it does have it's place.

    I like the fact you get cars given to you, not everyone is able to spend 20-30 million credits that it would cost to buy all the free cars. Also I love getting money for levelling up (currently 122, getting around 285,000 credits) although this will dry up soon. Affinity I'm not too sure about, but I'm sure it'll become may main source of income at times, I just feel that you should get to say level 10 to get free parts not level 4. There's been a few times where you can level up straight to 4, and this takes the challenge of tuning to a budget away.

    Most importantly though has to be online play, especially with the RD guys. As long as you're racing with a group of mates you can trust (and also trust you) then the game comes alive. You can have proper battles with fair outcomes.
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  7. Carl Demetrius

    Carl Demetrius

    I have only completed 0.5% of the career mode, so have no idea what kind of bonuses you get for completing races. most of my time with this game has been spent in rivals and online race with friends( and some public rooms ) and from rivals mode alone I have earned around 50mil in bounty's, bonuses and level up bonuses and still gained affinity with many of the manufacturers in the game and received all the credits and discounts the that come with it.
    Because of this I have no motivation to play the career mode against the garbage AI that offer next to no challenge to grind out results for a few credits.

    100% agree with this, there are 50 levels of affinity with each manufacturer, to get free parts at level 4 makes me wonder why the game even has an in game economy at all.