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    Hi all,

    So I have a question regarding career mode. I recently bought this game because I grew tired of both F1 2013 and 2014. So I wanted to play the last F1 game that still had Schumacher in it.

    I started a career mode and picked Caterham to be my first team. I play on Professional difficulty and I had quite realistic results. I would usually qualify between p15-20 and end the races between p10-15.
    So far, so good. Had a great first season and managed to beat my rival Michael Schumacher by 2 points. (He had an aweful season in the game for some reason). So I managed to get offered a spot to drive for Mercedes AMG Petronas.

    I quickly signed for Mercedes because this was exactly the team I wanted to end up with.
    So today, I get home and couldn't wait to drive for Mercedes. But here's the thing..
    So I started the 2nd season with Mercedes, and in qualifying in Australia, I am literally 2 seconds behind my teammate Rosberg. I managed to qualify 5th and end the race in p5, but Rosberg won the race and was easily 30 seconds ahead of me.
    Now I drove decent laptimes but Rosberg was easily 2-3 seconds faster than me every single lap.

    Same thing for Malaysia, where I couldn't qualify higher than 10th, and managed to end the race in p5 once again. This time Rosberg ended in p7, because he had an accident and lost his front wing. But this time it was Kobayashi... He overtook me and I dropped back to 5th. Well, no big deal I thought because he's in a Sauber and I'm in a Mercedes, if I push myself I will catch up to him again.
    Well... NO. I pushed as hard as I could and beat my personal best laptimes every single lap, and still he was 2-3 seconds faster than me.

    So now, arriving at the Chinese GP. I had enough, and tried to see if the difficulty was simply too high for me, which I doubted in the first place because I did manage to end up in 9th and 7th a few times with Caterham in my 1st season.

    Well, yea, I manage a in qualifying, and the fastest AI (Perez) only did a 1:43:xxx. So obviously, turning down the difficulty to Intermediate didn't solve anything.

    Now I am seriously wondering, yet also slightly dissapointed. Because at first I was SO happy the difficulty seemed quite right for me and to be quite realistic too. But now I am 2 seconds slower than Rosberg, even though we're in the same car.
    I use custom set-ups for every race, I am not completely off the pace either I'd say.

    So what I am trying to get some advice on is simple.. How the HELL can Rosberg be 2-3 seconds faster than me, even though we're both driving a Mercedes?!
    Of course I did not expect to dominate in the Mercedes, but barely managing 10th in qualifying and barely managing to keep Sauber and Williams cars behind me seems a bit unreasonable?
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