Cannot start Session in RRE,DTM,ADAC but works ?

Sean Kenney

Sep 16, 2014
so the mp of adac and DTM work, not R3e, correct?

Are you seeing an actual ping(number) in the ping column? if you are only seeing dashes, you can't connect to that server.....usually you can't get past the livery screen if that is the case though.

re-install would be the only other option that I can think of....hopefully you have a fast connection.
Apr 2, 2014
SP or MP session? if it is SP, probably i have something similar. I cannot start practice or SP session (basically any event with AI cars, i can start a practice or race without AI) in those series, where i do not own all the cars (liveries irrelevan, but i have to have all the cars purcheased). We are working on the issue with customer service since a while, but so far they do not have any soultion. Already reinstalled the game, deleted all data from personal folders but it didnt help.