Cannot Export Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object


Was working on my track for quite some time last night.

When I went to export the file to GTR2 to test I received this pop up. I clicked ok. The export window noted "Exported". I went to the track file in my GTR2 folders and found it was not exported in full- (not the same number of files).

Is there any way to trace why this pop up is being generated so I can remove or address the object causing the error?

In reading through the forums and typing in this error message in Google I cannot seem to find answers on that.

If anyone can give some advice on this it would be appreciated. Track looks great in BTB.
I checked and all the xpacks match up. Oddly I was not working on objects last night...

I hope this is fixable and that I am not stuck in track development now....
Thank you guys!


Just a procedural question, if you export the next-to-last version does this also happen? And, does it also happen if you export to rFactor instead of GTR2?
I have just experienced the same problem tonight, leaving me quite annoyed and disturbed. I have invested over 50 hours into this track I'm building already. It has exported fine a number of times, the only thing is that I used a new xpack object I made. Even if I delete it, the error comes up.

Please may there be a solution.


The most likely culprit is the pitlane. Try move it to the other side of the track and export, if that dont work, clear the aiw data and redo it.
I do not know how I fixed this but these are the things I changed:

*Removed all unfinished test xpacks from the BTB xpacks folder.

* deleted the all instances of the venue in the gamedata folder.

* freed up space on the drive, something told me this error could have been the export running low on disk space (but unlikely), my drive was extremely low on space.

Hope this may help anyone who experiences this in the future.
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