Which game for the Olympic Virtual Series?

  • Assetto Corsa

    Votes: 108 21.4%
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Votes: 164 32.5%
  • rFactor 2

    Votes: 64 12.7%
  • iRacing

    Votes: 87 17.3%
  • Formula One

    Votes: 18 3.6%
  • Gran Turismo Sport

    Votes: 31 6.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 32 6.3%

MGP19 Can FOV or Custom camera position mod be made?

All I see are livery mods, is MotoGP 19 locked so much that only liveries can be edited?

I thought I will see sounds mods, aero fairing mods, camera position mods, maybe some UI mods etc.

Can at least custom camera position be made? Current one is ok but I would maybe be more comfortable with 3rd person camera placed higher and little closer. Shaking in Helmet view is too slow also, it should be quicker like in TT Isle of Man game.
Aero is probably the only possible one. Sound is a stretch but you need to export it and edit it in FMOD and make sure its exactly the same as the original sound to work correctly, if there proper modding tools it wouldn't be a problem.