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C8 Stingray Interior Sound Mod (1.0 WIP AC)

Sounds C8 Stingray Interior Sound Mod (1.0 WIP AC) 1.0

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chocolatemolk submitted a new resource:

C8 Stingray Interior Sound Mod (1.0 WIP AC) - An all NEW interior sound mod for the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray.

Working on a new interior sound mod for the C8 Stingray. I'm a huge VR guy so immersion is massively important to me and this helps a lot. Very much a work in progress but already sounds pretty good IMO!

Here's a short video if you want to hear how it sounds.

Note - this will remove exterior engine/exhaust sfx that came with the original C8 mod. I might do the exterior stuff later, but I made this specifically for sitting in the cabin.

Enjoy and...

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This is really fantastic, thank you! The audio does seem to stutter at some points and in lower RPMs it seems way too quiet, but incredible accurate and immersive otherwise! Also no idea if it's just my audio setup but for some reason it seems louder in my left ear than my right? This also may just be because it's so accurate I'm expecting it to be louder in my right ear and it isn't. Awesome job though, can't wait to see hear what you come up with next! (P.S. definitely please do the exterior sounds too! this way I can hear the other C8s when driving around too)