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Just to say i spotted a bug in canada track.Basically when you come out of the pit for your outlap and someone else is coming into t2 on their hotlap,the blue flag doesn't appear for the driver whos just exiting the pits which ofc will cause many blocking incidents and contact as i experienced twice already on this track.Hopefully it can be fixed in time for qualifying
Well, really it shouldn't be a problem. You can see when coming out of the pits if there is anybody in Turn 1 or entering Turn 1. So when you get to the "racing track" just slow down and wait for them to go passed.
And anyway, thats the pit-exit there in F1, there wern't problems there. If you really have to just use the grass, but as I said, just slow down when you come close to the white line area and let the guy through then carry on.
IT is indeed a problem,for example in china and turkish race i was hit twice by the same backmarker because he cant be bothered to turn mirrors on.So people like him who had BLUE FLAG in racce and still didnt move certainly wont move without one
i know its bad when someone just doesnt do what he should do but i think this backmarker was just this one guy who wasnt told by anyone in his team how to put mirrors on he also didnt read rules so carefully and that can happen in first events always but i KNOW that everyone got something to think with and they can clearly see if youre on hot lap comming into turn 1 and wont just cut right infront of you from pits
Simon I don't appreciate all your contradiction all I want is clarification on this.A simple fix here can stop crying and tears in q when ppl get blocked etc.And Sami this particular guy still on both occasions had blue flags and still carried on and twice turned into my car.Not looking for arguements here just made simple original post but somehow some people always have to start something unfortunately
i just said that cause: well im not expert of editing rfactor but im pretty sure there arent any ''add blue flag warning to this area too'' so it will be pretty tricky and this your issue isnt really so big that its worth doing
Simon ofc means of course what did you think i meant simon.I don't see how thats rude unless theeres some other meaning of which im clueless about...
Some amusement here - keep it up. :wink:
We can't add any additional blue flag zones, so there won't be one. I agree with Sami, I don't think it's an issue. If you exit the pits, you can see oncoming traffic on the right, and if someone isn't careful and ruins other laps, potentially using no mirrors, there will be penalties.
To be honest, I don't think that will happen though.
+1 Im still quite bemused and at Dennis the new updated track seems to fix this blue flag problem coming out of the pits so thanks for fixing it president :)
We didn't fix anything in that regard I don't think, but thanks anyway...not to me though, Henri did the most work with the track.
There's still one update to come right now which fixes one curb that is currently grass. :rolleyes:
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