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BUG / Config? - Menu Problem after starting the game

Hello there,

i got a litte issue with the main menu of the game, to be honest, its any kind of menu in the game.
In my tripple screen (24"; 16x10; 1920x1200) setup the menu doesnt fit one my center screen
(I also ran into the same problem back in the days in pc2 - unsolved):

In the picture above(sry for low quality), you can see the problem on the left and right monitor.

Does anyone have the same issue or knows how to fix this? I cant figure out the problem. Its driving me nuts...I got no clue how to solve the issue.
My tripplescreensettings.xml looks like this:

It is configured for my type of screens, but the menu itselve is somewhat "outcentered/spanned" into the left and right screens...i guess the .xml only impacts the ingame appearance when the track is loaded.

Is there any kind of problem with 16x10 Monitoring? Is it even supported?
Graphicsettings for my 1080:

i would be very grateful for any kind of help!

kind regards,
Let's say that this is a very technical issue which will be taken care of once reported. Early
stages of the Sim, so no wonder something like this happens... hopefully Reiza will read
this and they will fix it sooner or later if possible, but I'm afraid that not all resolution
modes are valid.