Budget PC Spec....new sim rig.

So I’ve started building a sim rig for me and my lad. To say it’s on a budget would be true but I’m not penny pinching. I’ve just seen what some of you guys have built and mine isn’t going to be top spec!

I’m desperate to try and hook up an E36 cluster (which I’ve already got) so the dials read and therefore I presume my only option here is a simhub. I was going to use an Xbox one initially but now I realise simhub requires a PC I need to start looking at prices and spec.

What would be a “good” upgradable budget PC setup for sim racing and gaming? I’ve starting building the sim cockpit setup so this is happening but I’m now trying to budget for snd keep an eye out for a PC setup and these days, I don’t know where to start,

Any help appreciated.
What is your budget? What is the intended use? 1080p, triples or VR? You can get some end of stock ryzen 5 2600 pretty cheap. Pair it with an rx570 and yoy can get a build for ust over 500 pounds.
I’d rather flip it around and ask what I need to spend for a decent setup .... I have no budget in mind. I probably would not want to spend more than £1000 but you say you can get a working upgradable setup for $500 I’d much rather go with that.

I’m not interested in VR just yet and triple monitors sounds expensive - so probably just a single display.

Intended use is to drive racing sim games ....I’m not being daft saying that, what else would be the use? I’m just getting into it so some fun with my lad is all I’m after .... but with a sensible professional upgradable cockpit and setup

Thanks for the suggestions....
If you are uk based, I recommend this:

This will get your feet wet, won't brake the bank and it allows for VR and other stuff down the line. For a single screen, I would look at an ultra wide. Anywhere from 29" to 34" will work well. The bigger the screen, the bigger the FOV and so the more you will see. Consider getting a secobd hand rift or something. For sim racing it is essencial imho.


I would start picking your graphics card and then build around that. I use a 980ti, which can be hard "cheap" on Ebay and works just dandy for AC and ACC. Everybody is on the 1070 and 1080 craze, which makes the 980 ti cheap. But make sure you get a Ti.

Then get a high quality power supply in the 700 watts class.

Look at your monies. A 6-core is just fine for car racing. I always prefer CPUs with a very high turbo speed, for those moments in life where a single threat trails off the end of frame processing. Don't sweat it if you can't afford ninja macho CPU. Graphics card is more important, at least if you want reasonably high resolution.

As you can see in my other thread, I have no idea what mainboard vendor is a good buy today.
I just built an i5-8400/2060 super build for $750 US that will handle pretty much anything you want.
Go to PCpartpicker.com
There you can build your PC virtually, it'll tell you current component costs, estimated performance and compatibility.
I will say do not go too budget on a PC as there will be some monitor, VR headset, or game in the future you'll want to run and a g4560/1050ti just doesn't cut it anymore.


You definitely want a 970 or so over a 1050. Otherwise those "performance estimations" are not as useful as actually posting what you PC is made of after it actually runs AC well.