Buckmore Park Kart Circuit


It's been a while since I last posted here, but since then I've been busy working on my latest project. Some of you may know that I was working on a fantasy track called Super Speedway a while ago, but real life stuff got in the way and I shelved the project. Since then I've done some more work on that again and it will hopefully finally be ready for release very soon.

Recently however, my local kart track Buckmore Park has taken priority, mainly because Buckmore themselves have taken an interest in it and have offered to help pay for my karting if I produce the track for them for their simulator which they are planning on putting in their clubhouse. They have since supplied me with lots of photos of the track and over the past few weeks I've been very busy and the track has taken shape nicely. Not quite finished yet, but most of the track is done (the rFC link has details of what still needs to be done).

Anyway, I think the track speaks for itself.

Here is the rFactor Central link with some screenshots:

And here is the download link:

Please let me know what you think.


I've been testing using the BRKart mod as it seems to be the only one which doesn't do a somersault every time you go round a corner... My best time is a 38.268 in the 100cc kart, but I haven't really been pushing hard. I don't know if it's your setup or what, but you should be getting faster laptimes than that... Are you using the default setup?
I´m using te default yes, haven´t played much around with setup, but I´m afraid the bad times are most likely driver related:)

I like the track, and i will do some more laps, maybe that helps:D

Could be fun to race online, do you know any leauges that runs karts?


Ah I see, More laps is definitely the way to go. Of course, the kart mods in rFactor aren't easy to drive (they feel nothing like the real thing).

I did know a kart league run by a friend of mine but they stopped running it because of lack of interest... Maybe my track can help karting leagues gain some more interest.

I wouldn't take part myself. I don't have the patience to turn up on time weekly and race on a track virtually when I already do that in real life...:)
In fact i have also started to race karts for real ( a DINO Futura with around 28HP ) and I have done some kart tracks for Rfactor. There are videopreview and downloads on www.kartsim.dk There is an area where you can download a package including BR-kart ( permission from Adriano ) and a place where you can download the tracks alone. My "home track" is Søndersø. The danisk tracks: Roskilde, Thy, Grindsted, Auning and KGH is quite accurate replicas of the real danish tracks. They are more "Country like" as this is the way kart-tracks are in Denmark.
Søndersø is a short track, around 730 meters, and the Rfactor model is very similar to the real track ( there is a video that compares the real track and the sim-version )
Please let me know if you take your time to test the tracks:D


Some very impressive tracks there. Sonderso looks very accurate and I love the banked corner on Dino. I must say that the tracks in your country look like health and safety has less of an effect over there. They're very fun tracks to drive. I didn't try all of them but the ones I did were very good.

DINO is the only finctional track, I wanted to combine a "karrusel" like the one on the old Nürbergring with a "jump bridge" and some corner combinations.
The other tracks are pretty close to the real ones. Could be fun to race a kart-serie across countryes:letsgoracing:
I've just seen this on rFCentral and I'm very impressed. Lived within 5 minutes of the place most of my life and been there on a couple of occasions and this is very very well done.
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