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BTB - RBR questions

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, May 5, 2009.

  1. E.Zelaieta


    Hi all,

    I have a few questions for black.f, Piddy or another person who have RBR knowledge.

    - It is posible to add movable collision to a fence in BTB?
    - It is posible to add diferent collisions into different trees, busses, etc?
    - It is posible to add replays in RBR? (I know, BTB dosn't support)
    - It is posible to choose tire selection If I want create a Wet or Damp
    - And the last one, It is posible to add Spectator collision for the spectadors
    and people located, around the stage?

    I wait your answers becouse If it is posible, im so
    interested in implement those features, in my San Marcial Hillclimb, for give
    a better final quality and options to the stage.

  2. eno72


    all these features are not supported yet, but I think they are on the infinite list of Piddy.

    I can help you for the tyres though: it is a temporary solution but it works. Use the "RBR wrong+tyres" application (it comes with RSRBR or RBR-Online, or just pm me if you want it). It overrides the automatic tyre choice and is compatible with RX plugin.
    At least you can develop and test your track, waiting for this to be implemented in btb later on.
  3. E.Zelaieta


    Yeah, I know this aplication but I don't know if I have got im my HD.

    If I haven't got, I go to ask you via MSN :laugh2:

    Like last point, I have planned release the first version, when is finished like 1.0 and when tey add the features I told, I go to release a newer version :victory:

    Have a nice day.
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