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Hey Guys,

I was wondering is any of the BYT guys are active here, or if anyone knows them. I'm trying to get permission to convert their mod to Automobilista. I've sent them a message through their website, but haven't had a response yet.

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Rupe Wilson

Hi, not that im aware of, they might be a member here but as to how active they are i don't know,
you will probably find them on no grip as they have most of their work listed there and are in the forums, or used to be.

sorry i cant help further..


I've not been in the group for a while, have you tried their website? Last I heard though Kostas hadn't been seen for a while, however hopefully this has changed.


Premium is hosting Brickyard Legends Team's beautiful "Detomaso Pantera GTS gr3", which is the latest BLT creation that I am aware of (File Date: 2019-04-16). I do not know if any of these are RD members but here are the credits:

"- papag21 : 3d, mapping, file structure, template, skins
- rallymaster : physics
- Ralf1973 : skins
- Ned : skins, testing
- Ney.Dias : testing
- Mildrew : sounds"

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