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I ordered my dampers from Mark in Late Sept and they arrived on friday, no fault of his that they took 3 weeks to arrive to Canada.
Mark checked with me on a regular basis to find out if they arrived and honestly i think he was in a bit of a panic as they were taking so long.

I had been using a piece of Mcmaster Carr urethane tubing since my original cst damper wore out some time ago.
The MC piece is very stiff and is a little larger in diameter then the original damper or the dampers Mark supplied. I have had it installed for over 1 year and there has been No wear to it at all, but thats more likely because its very hard and the diameter allows very little flex.
I am very comfortable with my pedals so i wasn't sure what to expect from Marks dampers so i did a controlled test.

I race the V8's on a regular basis and this week we raced at Suzuka so i used that track in test mode with default weather. with each test i started in a fresh test session to eliminate any track rubber build up or marbles, so i had a clean track each time. I also used a setup that i am very comfortable with and did not make any adjustments to the car during the 3 test sessions which lasted about 1 hour each. The default weather is not really fast weather and it is actually a little sketchy at times on track so this should give the dampers a good work out.
Test one was with the mcmaster carr damper, optimum 206.408 with a best clean lap of 207.367
Test two was with Marks Hard damper optimum 206.089 with a best clean lap of 207.008
test three was with the medium damper optimum 205.463 with a best clean lap of 206.364

Observations, both of marks dampers felt better and were quicker than the mcmaster carr unit, the medium unit seemed to feel better to me in some hard braking zones as i was able to modulate the pedal better. I do believe that the hard damper would be very suitable for other cars that have different braking characteristics, ie an indy or F1 one or perhaps the GT cars

I then took exactly the same set with no changes and went to official practices for the v8, i did 2 practices, one with slighter cooler weather then default and one with overcast skies

cooler weather optimum 204.428 with a best clean lap of 205.283
overcast weather optimum 202.576 with a best clean lap of 203.100

my personal best at suzuka ever had been 203.6

I am very happy with the dampers and would recommend them to anyone considering some replacements, they are miles ahead of the mcmaster Carr option that a lot of us have used in the past

a couple of pics of the dampers compared to the MC unit are attached, note the difference in diameter

Tony Kloosterman
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