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Brake bias button assignment


Jan 24, 2015
I have my brake bias adjustments assigned to the buttons on my wheel...but during a driving session I get no indication on screen the brake bias is being changed. Then when I go into the tuning setup...it also shows the brake bias has not been changed. I have to change it with the slider then go back out and drive and try to see if that works instead of being able to change it on the fly. Is this just a bug that needs to fixed or am I doing something wrong?


Dec 20, 2014
Same here. We should be able to change it on the fly. I found out it works for FormulaA wheels by accident. It's the "cycle motec lcd" on your button assignments. When you cycle this in formulaA it will change to brake bias, position, lap but I don't know if it saves it for the car.

Kyle Pearson

Oct 26, 2008
A few things:

1. Cars with motec that display bias percentage will be updated but there is no onboard notification on vehicles which do not have that.

2. The on-track adjustments are not meant to be used for setup tuning. They are supposed to be used to help adjust the car as the race progresses. i.e. cooler temps may bring too much grip in the front so you need to increase the front ARB to balance things out... This are not meant to be permanent tweaks therefor are not saved in your setup.
Mar 21, 2014
1. Cars with motec that display bias percentage will be updated but there is no onboard notification on vehicles which do not have that.
So you are not able to adjust brake bias on some cars in the game?
Or some cars don't have the motec display?

I have mapped my brake bias to my dial on my DFGT. I tried to adjust the brake bias in a couple of prototype cars, but I have no idea if it's working or not. I guess threshhold braking and chancing an off track excursion is the only way to feel if the the brake bias is working.

Maybe pCars will change that in the future.

Kyle Pearson

Oct 26, 2008
So you are not able to adjust brake bias on some cars in the game?
Or some cars don't have the motec display?
Both! ;)

Yes, some cars you cannot adjust brake bias on the fly, typically street cars. On "some" cars with Motec display, you can see the adjustment but it's shown differently (by rear bias percentage, yes it's odd and the WMD community didn't necessarily like that idea).

There are cars with Motecs which do not have this information. It's typically the lower entry race cars (like Formula Ford and Formula Gulf) as those series don't usually allow real-time telemetry to keep the cost of racing down.

In short, there are more cars than not that can adjust brake bias and there is no visual indicator to let you know it happened nor what the new value is (same with ARB adjustments).


Jun 25, 2011
Yeah I'm having similar issues since I mapped ABS and TCS to the switch on my Thrusaster TX. The idea is to turn on ABS and TCS as needed when it gets wet on track. But there's no on screen notification to even let me know if it's turned on. So I still can brake with confidence on a wet track since I'm not completely positive that abs is active lol. Hopefully this will get worked out in a patch. There should absolutely be an on screen indicatior for ANY and all changes made to the car while on track.
Mar 21, 2014
I figured the lower rung cars wouldn't have the ability to change settings while driving. No big deal. That's expected.
Brake bias shown as rear %. no problem there too. Once you decipher it, it's part of THIS game.

But I agree with Cody. Something needs to show on screen that you made the adjustment on the fly in any data display mode. If we were real race car drivers, you could be confident by the feedback (positive click or feel) the handle, button or dials give you, but some of our toy wheels don't respond like that. oh well. As Cody said - "Hopefully in the future"


Oct 4, 2011
Okay here are 2 Cheap Solutions for 2 Problems:

How do I see which driving aids are enabled?
  1. You need to activate the HUD for that (most time you already have)
  2. Cycle through the camera until the "Virtual" Motec Display (usually bottom right) appears ... there should be max 3 Symbols which show which Aids are activated
  3. Afterwards you can (if you want) cycle back to your original view - best is to do it on a straight

How does the Brake Bias on the fly works in PCARS atm?
  1. Some cars have a Motec Display (most time at the wheel) - there you see the rear brake bias ----> so if its written 38: That means 38% Rear - 62% Front --- yeah its weird and i dont really like it but you get pretty fast used to it
  2. If there is no Motec Display then there is no way to know the actual brake bias (afaik)
  3. Most (if not all) cars can the Brake Bias be adjusted - that happens with the Increase & Decrease button. In Project CARS if you press increase, then you increase the rear ... so ie. 38 Rear Brake Bias ---increase by 5 ---> 43 Rear Brake Bias

I hope this helps - greez

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