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GTR2 Bobs Track builder.

Thanks for your response. I'm trying to work out how I could make adjustments to an ai path. I see there is a long list of coordinate in the aiw file, presume that's it. If anyone could give me some clue how to proceed, would be great. However half the fun is in working this stuff out.
Thanks for your response. I'm trying to work out how I could make adjustments to an ai path. I see there is a long list of coordinate in the aiw file, presume that's it. If anyone could give me some clue how to proceed, would be great. However half the fun is in working this stuff out.
Yes there is a tool for it but its a pain in the " behind" aiw and cam tool for rf1 but its really trial and error and lot of reading the manual no tutorials on youtube about it
I just realised I could convert the track from race 07 to gtr2 and get a better experience with a lot less effort. If this works it could open up a lot more tracks to play with. I also discovered the track grip setting. Which is a nice shortcut to stop ai cars slipping off on certain corners.
Which is a nice shortcut to stop ai cars slipping off on certain corners.

My guess when i read this is you bump up the dry and wet aigrip level of the track.

Well yeah it works but one little drawback of gtr2's Ai
When Ai got same or more grip level as human drivers they also reach higher top end speeds you as a human driver with the same setup never can reach.

Before i get too technical.

Let me explain something about gtr2 and how the program works.

Gtr2 is a calculator nothing more nothing less. Its what you put in that counts.

It have its data stored in these files :

Plr hdc trk aiw grb gbd tyr sup eng etc.

It takes all of the numbers it needs out of every file and makes his calculation on it.

Some command lines in the plr file are overwritten by commandlines in hdc like how much brake force or corner speed etc ai can use.

So if you are working on changing some lines for example in the plr file it could be overwritten by the hdc
Or vice versa

Now getting technical

When ai cant drive a lap at some tracks and some corners on that track its because the numbers are wrong so gtr2 makes a wrong calculation

Too much downforce at some tracks would make ai drive the wrong way at some corners. They think with the numbers out of the hdc's default setup or out of the svm track related setup file it could make the corner with those calculations

But it cant. Even ai cant.

Like human drivers.
Ai needs a good setup not only to be fast but also to get around every corner.

You would thing well if they cant make it around the corner the problem is probably too low on grip.

But when you would lower ai's down force level instead giving it more you would be supriced.

But also too low on down force would result in the same outcome

So its a fine line between a good setup and a bad one for Ai

Dont forget ai dont drive by feeling and human input, they drive by the numbers in all of those files and probably many more i forgot to write down.

So if one of the numbers are way off
It results in having bad ai behavour

The easiest fix but it takes time is to make good setups for your ai driven cars.

Even giving ai more turn ratio can result in faster ai

Look in the vanilla cars and for good learning take one of the cars out of the gt folder and my favorite is the ferrari f550 .

Open up you car's hdc file and scroll down to the section suppension or front and rear wing (thats your cars default setup also ai cars use)

And open up the files named monza.svm and barcelona.svm and other tracks and scroll down to the same sections and compair what simbim changed for every track

Most times its gearing, turn ratio, downforce level. Sometimes camber
Suppension also sometimes ride height. For spa they use the default setup.

Bumping up ai grip level would be the last resort.

I allways start with 0.10 below human drivers grip level

Why this is because 0.10 less makes there top speed the same as human drivers,

Yess they have 0.10 less grip around corners but they you can counter with a good setup and a proper talent file.

High and low corner speed Multiply
Command lines within the talent file are very importent.

Also in the same file there is a line
Coldbrainracetime and skill
Coldbrainqualtime and skill
Skill is most times set at 0.92 or higher or lower but not 1.00
And time is most times set at 90 or 120 sec

So when quali or race starts it means for 90 or 120 second
Ai drivers are 92% of all the values within the talent file

After 90 or 120 second then they wake up to 0.99 or 1.00 of all the values within the talent file

So if 100% is for example on the high corner speed 1.60
For 90 seconds at the beginning of a race or quali they only use 92 % of the value 1.60

There could be lot of reasons why ai cars cant make it around the corner

But never forget gtr2 is one big calculator and if you put the wrong numbers in it you get a bad result
Put the perfect values in it and you get a really good result.
Thank you. Yea I did realize the grip level trick was not a good solution to the AI cars all crashing at a certain corner. I did not however think about the talent files. In fact, the modded cars I am using to try and recreate my favorite race, don't even have talent files. So now thanks to you I have a new tool to learn. When I opened one of the WTCC drivers talent files I see one item in particular that I might start with. "CorneringAdd=1.9, CorneringMult=.968" I presume that's the high low corner multiplier you mention.
I have also found the HDC file, there are a lot of settings there. I know that the cars I am using have by default a very stiff front sway bar and too much camber on front wheels making them very unstable. I will start by changing these values and seeing how AI change.
And yes I see the track-specific SVM files I presume I need to create one of these for my mod track.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond. you have given me a lot to go over and learn I will be busy for a while.
My hot tip for making talent files,

Open up .car file scroll down to
Driver="xxxx xxxx"
Look if it have driver1= and driver2=
If not make them if so but driver 2 have a other name then driver 1 change the name of driver 2 the same as driver1

Then go in side gtr2 main menu to option and look for the thing called something like what starting driver number 1 is human driver 2 is ai.

Also in talent file there is a line i forgot how its called but the answer in that command line is first letter of the first name of the driver follow by lastname

That command line is used when you press tabkey during race or what ever when you see the names above the cars.

Its handy to check if the ai uses the talent file or not

When you change that command line in the talent file (its most of the times somewhat near the top)
Change it to something else like drivername and put the car number after it.

So when you press tab in game you could see if gtr2 loaded the talent file or the correct talent file

Somethings gtr2 dont load the correct one or no one at all.

Also name you folder the same name as the name of the first folder inside you gamedata/teams/ngt/ferrari f550
Name the folder in this example ngt
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Ok so I have started working through some of the settings you described, and although I have made only small adjustments and have not even ventured into talent files yet. I have already solved the issue of AI slipping off the track on a certain corner. This has made me like GTR2 even more, and I'm looking forward to fine-tuning it. Cheers.

PS: for anyone else who sees this thread and is wanting to have a go, I found a nice tutorial that goes through a lot of these settings. It is the Vondutch ai mod, I have attached the tutorial page from the file.


  • VonDutch GTR2 AI Tutorial.pdf
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