Bob's Track Builder beta v0.7.9.1 is ready!

Brendon Pywell

Bob's Track Builder
Feb 26, 2009
Hi Guys,

The Beta is ready for the next round of testing.


BACKUP - You should be doing this anyway, but make sure you backup your project before using the new BETA version. I test this on my own projects first but it still pays to be safe.

If you wish to keep your current version of BTB running, make a copy (do not just rename the current one) of the folder and name it something obvious like BobsTrackBuilderv0_7_0_6.

Uninstall BTB v0.7.0.6.
Uninstall BTB v0.7.9.0.


Download here -->

Download and install as usual. Copy your existing license to the folder.

If your license is no longer working for the beta, email me your username and license description (as entered into the BTB website).

Known Issues

- Opening Materials window causes error : if you have this error please report what operating system you are running.

Reporting Problems

Only report problems with the Beta here. This is not a thread for "what I want to see .." ideas.

Please check the manual (press F1) first before asking for help.

When sending me a project please zip the entire contents of your project (eg. The entire folder C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\My Projects\My Project). You could omit and files that are the standard ones downloaded from the BTB website.


Check out the videos in this thread to see the major changes ...

• Cross-sections
- Editing of cross-section for track and walls now performed through the 3d window, although 2d window can still be used.
- Added Cross-section template support to XPacker. Different shaped roads and walls can be defined in an XPack allowing the BTB user to quickly use a standard shape.
- In BTB Right-click to open the popup menu and select a new cross-section template when editing the track or walls. (Tip: in the 3d view the opening of the popup menu is delayed because the right mouse is used for looking around. To have it open immediately you can right-click-left-click).
- Copy/Paste of cross-section shape and materials.
- Sped up track cross-section editing with huge improvements for large tracks with lots of objects.
• XPacker - Added ability to categorise Materials so that some are not shown in some windows. Eg. Materials applicable to Objects are not show in Track’s Material selection.
• Material selection now performed through popup window instead of always being in the surface/wall window.
• Insertion of Track Nodes performed by holding the Control key when you click on the Track (instead of having a separate tool).
• Road edge transition now a straight line instead of the smoothed interpolation used for height shape transition.
• Objects, when in rotation edit mode, can be rotated by holding the Y key instead of clicking the circles. X and Z can also be used for other axis but Y will be most popular since it controls the Yaw.
• Old method of creating Driveline made with a lot of points is now replaced by new Curve method.
• AIW editing allows adding/editing of:
- Centreline path
- Pitlane path
- Fast path
- Corridors
- Grid / Teleport positions can be attached to Centerline or moved independently.
- Garage / Pit positions can be attached to the pitlane or moved independently.
• Drag Pacenotes around by clicking on them instead of grabbing them by their balls.
• Positioning of everything (Cambers, widths, cross-section surfaces) along the track made more accurate. This also applies to walls.
• Evo export lowered to make horizon start at a better position.

• SObjects not being named when created.
• Alpha textured objects were not receiving light in rF, and Evo games.
• Rotation/resizing whole track was not affecting the SObjects.
• Bug in terrain Fill (under some circumstances).
• Crash when Projects folder is deleted by user and then BTB started.

As stated in the video I do not intend to support every possible AI feature, oinly the basics needed to get working AI paths. If you wish to add/edit the AI futher I suggest you use one or more of the tools here ...