BMW Z4 GT3 @ Nordschleife

Well there you go, did 6.56 on version 0.61 with softs and low fuel after about 6 laps. Not that far from default, just a bit less rear wing and better on bumps, brake bias should be pretty neutral aswell (unlike the default setting)


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I will be running this in the race tonight.
It is rather soft and understeery at low speeds. Because I am running low rear wing, it is neutral at high speeds. I can do 7:15s (medium tires, 65l fuel) with it, but a more competent driver could go quite a bit faster.
Beware: I do not know what I am doing when it comes to setups so take it with a grain of salt.


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Here is my setup for Nord. Endu. I can do 8:25 with it.
Set for 2 lap race, just half the fule for hotlap.
Try it if you want.

If someone have own set, maybe faster :) please don't keep it in secret! ;)


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Good day guys !

Setup for BMW Z4 GT3 and Nordschleife. For HOTLAP.

I done around 6:42 and 6:21 on Tourist, faster possible.

If you want to try it on Nordschleife Tourist track configuration, just decrease the last gear with 1 step and the fuel with 1 liter. TC better to be set to 1.

Hope is helpful to someone.


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